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Anichkov Bridge

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ANICHKOV BRIDGE (in 1739 Nevsky), spanning the Fontanka River on Nevsky Prospect. The first wooden bridge was built here in 1715 under the supervision of М.О. Anichkov (hence the name), in 1721 it was elevated (the master K. van Boles), in 1749 it was rebuilt (architect S. Volkov) and decorated with granite. In about 1783-85, it was rebuilt in stone to the standard design (see article Belinskogo Bridge), in 1841 it was reconstructed (engineers I.F. Buttatz, А.K. Reder, A.D. Gotman; railings with trellis motives of the Palace Bridge across the Spree River in Berlin): the three span framework consists of vaults and facing arches from red granite, the props of rough masonry are faced with granite. In 1849-50, four sculptures of P.K. Klodt The Taming of the Horse were added. In 1906-08, it was rebuilt (engineers S. P. Bobrovsky, N.G. Krivoshein, architect P.V. Schusev) while preserving the architectural and structural form of the original; the bow shaped arches were replaced with torispherical arches. In November 1941, the sculptures were buried in the garden of Anichkov Palace; solemnly returned 30 April 1945 (in 2000-01 restored). In 1941-44, the surrounding area of Anichkov Bridge was exposed to intensive artillery fire (it received the name "God! Bring it on!"). At the foot of the group of horses, there is a commemorative plaque. In 1991, curvilinear pieces of the cast iron trellises were renewed. The length of the bridge to the alignment of the embankments is 54.6 metres, the width 37.9 metres.

Reference: Васильев В. В. Аничков мост. Л., 1973.

D. Y. Guzevich, S.Z. Suponitsky, L.M. Vorontsova.

Anichkov M.O.
Bobrovsky S.P.
Boles Harmann van
Buttatz I.F.
Gotman Andrey Danilovich
Klodt von Jurgensburg Peter Karlovich
Krivoshein Grigory Grigorievich
Reder A.K.
Shchusev Peter Viktorovich
Volkov Semen Artemievich

Nevsky prospect/Saint Petersburg, city

Васильев В. В. Аничков мост. Л., 1973

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