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Belinskogo Bridge

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BELINSKOGO BRIDGE (until 1923 Simeonovsky, from the churches of Simon and Anna nearby), spanning the Fontanka River between Belinskogo Square and Street. Built in 1785, to the standard design at the place where from 1733 a wooden bridge had existed. It was made of two lateral spans covered with granite and supported by torispherical arches. The middle span was wooden and could be raised from two wings. On the bridge piers were placed domed towers with a lifting mechanism. In 1858-59, the raising span of the bridge was covered with a brick bow-shaped vault with granite arches on the facade and the towers were dismantled. In 1890, the sidewalk was moved, and a wrought handrail was added; in 1908 a tram track was laid. In 1996-99, in the course of a full repair (engineers A.A. Zhurbin, A.G. Zlotnikov) the footpath was replaced, a sleeperless tramway track was installed, the bridge railing was also restored. The length is approximately 59 metres, width 19.1 metres See illustrations at p. 64.

D. Y. Guzevich, S. Z. Suponitsky, N. M. Kozlovskaya.

Zhurbin A.A.
Zlotnikov A.G.

Belinskogo Square/Saint Petersburg, city
Belinskogo St./Saint Petersburg, city

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