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Alexander Nevsky Bridge

Categories / Architecture/Bridges

ALEXANDER NEVSKY BRIDGE, across the Neva joining Alexander Nevsky Square (hence the name) with Zanevsky Avenue. Built in 1960-65 as a project of Lengiprotransmost (engineers A.S. Evdonin, K.P. Klochkov, G.M. Stepanov, architects A.V. Zhuk, S.G. Mayofis, Y.I. Sinitsa and others), the project was designed by the institute Lengiproinzhproekt. Stationary side spans, including those under the embankment are covered with two three-section reinforced-concrete box section frames, which had been previously constructed, with a concave contour for the lower girdle. The raisable part of the bridge consists of two wings, which are raised vertically. The approaching ramps include an overpass with parking space. The foundation and supports are high walls of layered reinforced concrete with casing. In 2000-02, the bridge was reconstructed (Stroyproekt Institute; engineers T.Y. Kuznetsova, A.G. Zlotnikov, Y.Y. Krylov, A.L. Tseitlin): strengthening the stationary sections of the structure, changing the composition of the bridge deck, the overpass on the ramps and roading of the span. Length: 629 metres (including the approach 906 metres), width: 35 metres.

D. Y. Guzevich, S.Z. Suponitsky, N.M. Kozlovskaya.

Alexander Nevsky, Duke
Evdonin A.S.
Klochkov K.P.
Krylov Yu.Yu.
Kuznetsova T.Yu.
Mayofis Solomon Grigorievich
Sinitsa Yu.I.
Stepanov G.M.
Tseitlin A.L.
Zhuk Alexander Vladimirovich
Zlotnikov A.G.

Alexander Nevsky Square/Saint Petersburg, city


Alexander Nevsky, Prince (1220 or 1221-1263)

ALEXANDER NEVSKY (1220 or 1221-63), Prince of Novgorod (1236-51, not continously), of Tver (1247-52), Grand Prince of Kiev (1249-52) and Vladimir (1252-63), from the Rurikid Dynasty (11th generation), son of Yaroslav Vsevolodovich

Bridges (entry)

BRIDGES, an integral part of the urban planning structure and architectural appearance of St. Petersburg. In 2002, the city numbered 342 bridges of various kinds and types; in Kronstadt: 5 bridges, Pushkin: 54 bridges, Petrodvorets: 51 bridges