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Entries / Konstantinovsky Palace (Strelna)

Konstantinovsky Palace (Strelna)

Categories / Architecture/Architectural Monuments/Palaces

Konstantinovsky Palace in Strelna (3 Berezovaya Alley), an architectural monument of the 18th-19th centuries. The foundation was laid in the summer of 1720 by architect N. Michetti. From 1723, the construction was headed by architect M.G. Zemtsov. In 1730, the construction of the partially complete building was suspended, finished in 1747-1755 (architect F.B. Rastrelli). The central main facade, overlooking the Gulf of Finland, is marked with a triple arch, framed with columns supporting the balcony. The main axis of the ensemble went through the arch of the middle canal of the Lower Garden and the Central Alley of the Grand Park. In 1797, Emperor Pavel I granted the manor to Grand Prince Konstantin Pavlovich. In 1802, architect A.N. Voronikhin renovated the palace, with the former facades being preserved. In 1804-05, following a fire, the Konstantinovsky Palace was restored (architect L.I. Rusca). The building was crowned with a belvedere; the first floor acquired gala enfilade. The paintings were created by artists F.A. Shcherbakov and G. Ferrari. Conservatories and service buildings were constructed; the gardener A. Hall turned the Grand Park into an English garden. In 1848, the palace passed on to Grand Prince Konstantin Nikolayevich, in 1847-51 it was refurbished (architect C.F. Meyer, A.I. Stakensсhneider) - on the facades bay windows and balconies appeared; private apartments were decorated to the Eclectic style; a house church was arranged. Close to the palace in the 1850s the gardener F. Rukk laid out the Western (Private) and the Eastern (Children) gardens. Since the mid-19th century, the palace was named Konstantinovsky and served as a summer residence for Grand Princes. After October of 1917, the Konstantinovsky Palace was nationalized and turned into an orphanage for homeless children. In 1937-40, the building was adjusted to accommodate a sanatorium. During the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945, the ensemble of the Konstantinovsky Palace was extensively damaged. By 1955, it was partially restored (architect F.F. Oleнnik, I.G. Kaptsyug), until 1993 it housed the Arctic Naval School. In 2001-03, the Konstantinovsky Palace was reconstructed and turned into the State Palace of Congress.

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S. V. Boglachev.

Ferrari G.
Hall A.
Kaptsyug Ivan Georgievich
Konstantin Nikolaevich, Grand Prince
Konstantin Pavlovich, Grand Prince
Meyer Christian Filippovich
Michetti Niccolo
Oleynik Fedor Fedorovich
Paul (Pavel) I, Emperor
Rastrelli Francesco de
Rukk F.
Rusca Luigi (Aloisy Ivanovich)
Shcherbakov Fedor A.
Stakensсhneider Andrey Ivanovich
Voronikhin Andrey Nikiforovich
Zemtsov Mikhail Grigorievich

Berezovaya Alley/Strelna, village, house 3

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Konstantin Pavlovich (1779-1831),Grand Prince

KONSTANTIN PAVLOVICH (1779, Tsarskoe Selo - 1831), Grand Prince, Tsesarevich (Crown Prince) (from 1799). Second son of Emperor Pavel I. From 1797, Inspector General of the whole Cavalry, from June 1798 also Chief Commander of the Cadet Corps

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STRELNA, formerly a settlement, a municipal unit within the Petrodvortsovy District since 1997; 19 kilometers southwest of Saint Petersburg, on the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland, where it meets the Strelka River