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Entries / Polovtsov Dacha (Summer Residence)

Polovtsov Dacha (Summer Residence)

Categories / Architecture/Architectural Monuments/Manors and Summer Houses

POLOVTSOV DACHA (SUMMER RESIDENCE) (6 Middle Nevka River Embankment), an architectural monument of the Neoclassical style. It was built on the Kamenny Island for A.A. Polovtsov (the younger, son of A.A. Polovtsov) in 1911-1913 (architect I.A. Fomin) on the location of Baron A.I. Stieglitz’s dacha. The grand strictly symmetrical building with a wide cour d'honneur, spectacular portico and Ionic colonnades was designed following the style of country houses-palaces of the Russian Neoclassical style. The space composition of the portico with groups of columns, a deep exedra and a pediment was inspired by the design of Count A.K. Razumovsky's Palace in Moscow (1799-1802). The interiors are also decorated in the Neoclassical style (with the assistance of the artist U.A. Bodaninsky and sculptor V.V. Kuznetsov). The front enfilade is disposed along the central axis of the building, of its halls only a white-columned hall with painted vault has been preserved (1835, architect A. M. Kutsi). Polovtsov Dacha is encircled by a garden (18th to first part of the 19th centuries). Since 1920, it served as a rest house, then was turned into a sanatorium (currently under restoration).

B. М. Kirikov.

Bodaninsky Usseyn Abdefovich
Fomin Ivan Alexandrovich
Kutsi Anton Matveevich
Kuznetsov Vasily Vasilievich
Polovtsov Alexander Alexandrovich
Polovtsov Alexandуr Alexandrovich Jr.
Razumovsky Alexey Kirillovich, Count
Stieglitz Alexander Ludwigovich, Baron

Srednaya Nevka River Embankment/Saint Petersburg, city, house 6

Fomin I. A. (1872-1936), architect

FOMIN Ivan Alexandrovich (1872-1936), architect, graphic artist, historian and theorist of architecture. I.I. Fomin's father. Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts (1909), L.N


NEOCLASSICISM, a traditionalist movement of the first half of the 20th century architecture, based on the assimilation of 18th - early 19th century Russian architecture. In St

Polovtsov А.А. (1832-1909) statesman, entrepreneur

POLOVTSOV Alexander Alexandrovich (1832, estate in Rapti Luzhsky Uyezd, St. Petersburg Province - 1909, same place), statesman, entrepreneur, patron of arts, Actual Privy Counsellor (1885), Secretary of State (1883)

Schmidt K.K., (1866-1945), architect

SCHMIDT Karl Karlovich (1866 - 1945, St. Petersburg), architect, associate academy member of architecture (1906). Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts (1893). From 1896 worked in the Ministry of Justice. Built the brick-style mansion of V.V

Srednaya Nevka

SREDNYAYA NEVKA, branch in the Neva river delta. It comes off the Bolshaya Nevka between Elagin Island and Kamenny Island, separating them from each other and from Krestovsky Island as well