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Kelch Mansion

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KELCH MANSION (28 Tchaikovskogo Street), an architectural monument. It was constructed in 1858-59 (architect A.K. Kolman) for I.E. Kondoyanaki, the facade was decorated in the Neo-Baroque style. In 1896-97, it was rebuilt (architects V.I. Shene and V.I. Chagin, with the assistance of K.K. Schmidt) for A. F. Kelch. The main facade was faced with sandstone and is designed in the traditions of the French Renaissance, the facade overlooking the courtyard and outbuildings represent a refined stylisation of the Gothic style. The interior decor features different historic styles: the front staircase with arcades - the Renaissance style, the sitting room - the Rococo, dining-room with stained-glass windows (the workshop of E. Tode) - the Gothic style. The building is a striking example of late Eclecticism. In the years of Siege of 1941-1944 the Kelch Mansion took heavy damage and was restored in 1944-1945. Dzerzhinsky RK KPSS (District Committee of Communist Party of the Soviet Union) lived in the mansion, in the 1990s it housed the St. Petersburg centre for UNESCO, nowadays - the Charter Court of St. Petersburg.

Reference: Тареев В. Особняк А. Ф. Кельха // ЛП. 1989. № 6. С. 20-21.

B. М. Kirikov.

Chagin Vladimir Ivanovich
Kelch Alexander Ferdinandovich
Kolman Alexander Karlovich
Kondoyanaki Ivan Egorovich
Schmidt Karl Karlovich
Shene Vasily Ivanovich
Tode E.

Tchaikovskogo St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 28

Тареев В. Особняк А. Ф. Кельха // Ленингр. панорама, 1989

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Natural stone

NATURAL STONE. Since the early 18th century, Putilovo slab limestone has been used in construction (quarried by Putilovskaya Mountain near the mouth of the Volkhov River)