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Entries / Timiryazev V.I. (1849-1919), entrepreneur, statesman

Timiryazev V.I. (1849-1919), entrepreneur, statesman

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TIMIRYAZEV Vladimir Ivanovich (1849-1919), statesman and entrepreneur, Full Privy Counsellor (1909), Chief Staff Master (1909). Graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics at Petersburg University in 1873. From 1875, he worked for the Ministry of Finance. In 1905-06, and in 1909, he was Minister of Industry and Commerce; in 1906-17, he was active as a member of the State Assembly. He was a member and chair of several boards of directors for major metallurgical, metal-working, gold-mining and tobacco enterprises, as well as transportation and insurance companies. He also headed the Russian Council Foreign Commerce bank. Timiryazev was involved with various business organizations; he was a member and chairman (from 1914) of the Soviet of Congresses of the Representatives of Industry and Commerce. In 1908, he assumed posts at the Special Supreme Commission for the Investigation of Railroading in Russia, and at the Inter-Departmental Conference on Metallurgical and Machine-Building Industry. From 1915, he was active as a member of the Special Conference for the Discussion and Integration of the Country's Defence Measures. After October 1917, Timiryazev was on a commission for the preliminary development of future commercial relations between Russia and other central powers. In 1918, he was one of the initiators of the establishment of the Soviet for the Union of International Commercial Associations, which joined representatives of the business world and top government officials.

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V. S. Solomko.

Timiryazev Vladimir Ivanovich

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