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SETTLEMENTS (sloboda), St. Petersburg settlements set on separate territories and featuring homogeneous social structure. The population of a settlement is united by occupation, estate, parentage or religion. The first settlements appeared in the early 18th century. Morskaya settlements arose along Morskaya Streets; they were populated with shipwrights working in the Main Admiralty located nearby. On the right bank of the Neva River, Okhtensky transferred settlements (later on - Okhtensky settlements) were founded. In the area of Millionnaya Street, German settlement was formed; between Nevsky Prospect, Liteiny Avenue and Fontanka River, there was Italian settlement. Names of many settlements reflected the occupation of their inhabitants, thus Moskovsko-Yamskaya settlement situated in the area of present-day Ligovsky Avenue and Razyezzhaya Street was settled with coachmen (Russian "yamshchik"), Masterskaya settlement located in Kolomna was populated with craftsmen, Grebetskaya settlement - with oarsmen and Raznochinnaya settlement - with intellectuals not belonging to the gentry (both were in the west part of present-day Petrogradksya Side); artillerymen used to settle Pushkarskaya settlement (on the site of the street of the same name), while Cossacks lived in Kazachya (until the 18th century, it was located on Vyborgskaya Side, then - on Obvodny Canal), pilots populated Lotsmanskaya settlement on Matisov Island, while sailors occupied Matrosskaya settlement in Harbour, etc. With the development of St. Petersburg, settlements were losing their originality, dissolving in homogeneous urban milieu. By the beginning of the 20th century, there had been just few settlements preserved in the city outskirts: Armashevskaya settlement, Ilyinskaya settlement (on Porokhovye), Rzhevskaya settlement (on Rzhevka), Steklyannaya settlement ("Glass") and Farforovskaya ("Porcelain") settlement (behind Nevskaya Zastava), Alexandrovskaya (in the region of present-day Moskovsky Park Pobedy (Victory Park)), Novo-Alexandrovskaya (in Obukhovo), Vologodsko-Yamskaya on Krasnokabatskoe Freeway (today Krasnoputilovskaya Street), etc. In modern toponymy, the name "sloboda” has become obsolete.

Е. А. Bondarchuk.

Bolshaya Morskaya St./Saint Petersburg, city
Bolshaya Pushkarskaya St./Saint Petersburg, city
Krasnoputilovskaya St./Saint Petersburg, city
Ligovsky Ave/Saint Petersburg, city
Liteiny Ave/Saint Petersburg, city
Malaya Morskaya St./Saint Petersburg, city
Malaya Pushkarskaya St./Saint Petersburg, city
Millionnaya St./Saint Petersburg, city
Nevsky prospect/Saint Petersburg, city
Razyezzhaya St./Saint Petersburg, city
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