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Categories / City Topography/Historical Geography/Historical Districts, Localities, Tracts, Municipal Establishments

DACHNOE, an area in the south-west part of St. Petersburg, between Krasnenkaya River, Baltiiskaya Railway Line, Stachek Avenue and Alexandrino Forest Park. In the north, it borders Avtovo, in the south-west Ulyanka. From the 18th century, there were a number of summer residences of grandees on this territory along Petergofskaya Road. After the construction of the Baltiiskaya Railway (1857), an extensive dacha area arose. During the Siege of Leningrad, the front line lay to the south of Dachnoe, most of constructions were destroyed. In the 1960s, Dachnoe became a region of large scale residential construction. Standard residential panel-type houses constructed there featured space-saving designs. In 1977, metro stations Leninsky Prospect and Prospect Veteranov were opened on the territory of Dachnoe. There is the former summer residence of I.G. Chernyshev Alexandrino, a medical sanitary hospital attached to the Kirov Plant, Dachnoe metro depot, a trolleybus depot and others; in the south part of the region, Dachnoe Cemetery is located. Main thoroughfares: Leninsky Avenue, Veteranov Avenue, Narodnogo Opolcheniya Avenue and Dachny Avenue. The place-name has been preserved in the names of Dachnoe Railway platform and the Dachnaya River.

Е. А. Bondarchuk, P.Y. Yudin.

Chernyshev Ivan Grigorievich, Count

Dachny Ave/Saint Petersburg, city
Leninsky Ave/Saint Petersburg, city Дачное
Narodnogo Opolcheniya Ave/Saint Petersburg, city
Stachek Ave/Saint Petersburg, city
Veteranov Ave/Saint Petersburg, city Дачное

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