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AVIAGORODOK, an area in St. Petersburg's Moskovsky District, in the southern part of the city, west of Pulkovskoe Highway and near the Airport Railway Station. In 1931-41, it was Leningrad's main airport and included a living bloc for its staff, and a campus for the Civil Air Engineering Institute. In 1941-44, the front line came close to Aviagorodok, which destroyed many buildings. In 1952, the Air Terminal was reconstructed and in 1958 the House of Culture was built. Starting in the mid-1960s, Aviagorodok turned mostly into a residential area with apartment buildings, and saw several new institutes for industry and professional training. In 1973, two kilometers south of Aviagorodok, the Pulkovo Airport was opened; Pulkovo International Airport, situated in Aviagorodok, was named Pulkovo-2 and served only international flights. Today Pulkovo-2 includes the Academy of Civil Aviation, a training school, the SPARK Aircraft-Maintenance Enterprise, the Aeroportstroy Open Joint-Stock Society, several air-transport companies, storage and customs facilities. Many of the town's street names are associated with aviation: Pilotov Street (Pilots Streets), Shturmanskaya Street (Navigators Street), Startovaya Street, Vzletnaya Street (Runway), Vertoletnaya Street (Helicopter).

Е. А. Bondarchuk, P. Y. Yudin.

Pilotov St./Saint Petersburg, city
Pulkovskoe Freeway/Saint Petersburg, city
Shturmanskaya St./Saint Petersburg, city Авиагородок
Startovaya St./Saint Petersburg, city
Vertoletnaya St./Saint Petersburg, city
Vzletnaya St./Saint Petersburg, city

Николаев В. И., Король В. В. [сост.], Ленингр. авиапредприятию 50 лет, Л., 1982.

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