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Persons / Vyazemskie, Princes
Common Lodging-houses (entry)

COMMON LODGING-HOUSES (commonly known as "nochlezhkas"). Special lodging for overnight stay for the homeless, appeared in St. Petersburg on the initiative of the Police

Manors and Dachas (entry)

MANORS AND DACHAS. Within the precincts of modern St. Petersburg a number of the 18th -19th centuries manors and dachas (summer residences) have been preserved, also there are some fragments of manors on Petergofskaya (Peterhof) road

Osinovaya Roshcha (Aspen Grove)

OSINOVAYA ROSHCHA (Aspen Grove), a former settlement north of Pargolovo at the junction of the Vyborgskoe and Priozerskoe Highways. First records of Osinovaya Roshcha trace back to the late18th century

Osinovaya Roshcha, the Park

OSINOVAYA ROSHCHA (Aspen Grove) is a park in the village of the same name. It is located two kilometres to the north-east of Levashovo Railway Station. Osinovaya Roshcha is an architectural landscape monument of the end of the 18th - beginning of

Pesochny, settlement

PESOCHNY, a former settlement, since 1998, a municipal unit within the Kurortny District of Saint Petersburg; 23 kilometres northwest of the city centre; on the Chernaya River, 7 kilometres away from its inflow into Lake Sestroretsky Razliv

Vyazemsky Garden

VYAZEMSKY GARDEN is situated on the Aptekarsky Island, on the left bank of Malaya Nevka River, at the corner of Pesochnaya Embankment and Vyazemsky Lane. It was laid out in the first half of the 19th century around Princes Vyazemsky estate (hence