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Persons / Simens Karl Fedorovich entrepreneur
Siemens K. F. (1829-1906), entrepreneur

SIEMENS Karl Fedorovich (1829-1906), entrepreneur and founder of electrical engineering industry in Russia. A native of Germany, he lived in St. Petersburg from 1853 managing a subsidiary enterprise of Berlin-based Siemens and Halske Trading House

Davidov А.А. (1867-1942), entrepreneur

DAVIDOV Alexey Avgustovich (1867-1940), banker and manufacturer, Actual Civil Counsellor (1913). Graduating from St. Petersburg University with a major in mathematics and physics in 1891 and from St

Electric Apparatus Plant

ELECTRIC APPARATUS PLANT (3-7, Twenty-Fourth Line of Vasilievsky Island) is an open joint-stock company, the first plant in the country for design and production of machinery for electric power stations (including nuclear power stations) and power

Elektrosila Plant

ELEKTROSILA (139 Moskovsky Prospect), an open joint-stock company from 1992, the largest power engineering plant in Russia. Founded in 1898, it was a unit of Siemens-Galske Company, situated at 34 First Line, Vasilievsky Island

Moskovskaya Zastava

MOSKOVSKAYA ZASTAVA, the historical name of the north part of present-day Moskovsky District. The name originates from the post that existed at the intersection of Moscow road and Ligovsky Canal

Moskovsky Avenue

MOSKOVSKY AVENUE (in 1918-50 - Mezhdunarodny Avenue, in 1950-56 - Stalina Avenue, after I.V. Stalin), from Sennaya Square to Pobedy Square, one of the main thoroughfares of St