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SALUTES (from lat. salut – greeting), an old manner of greeting (flag salute, artillery salute etc.). Salutes were introduced in the early 18th century by Tsar Peter the Great as a ceremonial ritual at festivities (it was not uncommon that salutes

Shrovetide carnivals

SHROVETIDE CARNIVALS, mass popular carnivals that took place in the 18th - early 20th centuries during Shrovetide. Along with the Easter carnivals, Shrovetide was the most pompous and crowded of all

Skating Rinks

SKATING RINKS. Natural skating rinks on the Neva River and other ponds have been being arranged in St. Petersburg since the beginning of the 18th century. The first public skating rink was opened in 1865 in Yusupovsky Garden as the skating rink of


SLIDES, structures erected for public amusement. They represent one of the essential elements of holiday popular carnivals (especially Shrovetide carnivals) in the 18th -19th centuries

Yacht Clubs (entry)

YACHT CLUBS. Nevsky Flot (Nevskaya Flotiliya) was the first yacht club in Russia. It was founded by order of tsar Peter the Great on 12.4.1718 and had its own flag. It was given 141 small ships "to entertain people" in perpetual tenure

Youth Recreation Centre

YOUTH RECREATION CENTRE (47 Professor Popov Street), built in 1969-80 (architects P.S. Prokhorov, V.P. Tropin, A.P. Izoitko, engineers V.V. Panova, M.E. Khristiansen) as the first recreational centre for young people in the USSR

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