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Rubricator / / Army. Navy / Military Ceremonies, Life, and Service
Assignment of Recruits

ASSIGNMENT OF RECRUITS, ceremony of assignment of recruits to guards regiments, introduced by emperor Nicholas I, was held annually 4-6 times during autumn in the Mikhailovsky Manege (Riding Academy) personally by the Emperor or guards corps


BILLETS, system of quartering of troops in private households. In St. Petersburg billeting was practised from the very foundation of the city until 1906, resorted to due to an absence or lack of barracks

Carrousels (merry-go-rounds)

CARROUSELS (MERRY-GO-ROUNDS), 1) popular amusement, device for riding at open-air festivites (also known as a “wheeling machine”). In St. Petersburg they were organised from the early 18th century on


DUEL (single combat, satisfaction), singe combat of two individuals with the same weapons (epee, sabre, pistol, rarely - others) and in fair conditions, held according to definite rules in the presence of witnesses (seconds) from both parties at the

Guards Posts

GUARDS POSTS, military posts, regularly taken by the guards regiments. In the 18th century Guards sentries patrolled the Streets to control order, guarded public institutions, city gates, state property depositories, etc

Krasnoselsky Camp

KRASNOSELSKY CAMP, military field camp, where annually from May 1 to August 2-4, the Guards, Military Academic Schools and other units, encamped for field training and manoeuvres

Military Ceremonies

MILITARY CEREMONIES, performance by military units of the regular kinds of professional activities, accompanied by a number of formalities, producing a theatrical and strong moral effect on the participants and spectators

Officer Assemblies

OFFICER ASSEMBLIES, administrative associations of officers serving in the same regiment, including the quarters. Administrative committees of officer associations were established in the 1870s and engaged in administrative issues with capital

Parade of 8 July 1945

PARADE OF 8 JULY 1945, celebrations held in Leningrad in honour of the Leningrad Guard Infantry Corps (the 45th, 63rd and 64th Guard Rifle Divisions), which were returning to the city from the Baltics

Parades and Reviews

PARADES AND REVIEWS, solemn public military ceremonies, held in St. Petersburg since the 1730s. Until 1917 they were diverse and held in large numbers, occurred frequently, imparting the solemn and festive look of a military capital to the city

Regimental Holidays

REGIMENTAL HOLIDAYS, in pre-revolutionary Russia holidays of military units, celebrated on the patron saint's day of the church of a military unit (see Military Chapels) or (in rare cases) on the anniversary day of its foundation

Regimental Museums (entry)

REGIMENTAL MUSEUMS, historical memorial museums attached to guards and army regiments, stationed in St. Petersburg and its suburbs. They emerged in the middle of the 18th century as a relic depository within regiment churches (see Military Churches)

Salute of 27 January 1944

SALUTE OF 27 JANUARY 1944, military ceremony in honour of the Lifting of the Siege; the only salute of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-45 outside Moscow. Fired at 20:00 from the embankment at the St


SALUTES (from lat. salut – greeting), an old manner of greeting (flag salute, artillery salute etc.). Salutes were introduced in the early 18th century by Tsar Peter the Great as a ceremonial ritual at festivities (it was not uncommon that salutes