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A living house of the Fridental colony (a house of A. Kemper) with the garden

The Tsarskoye Selo colony Fridental was founded by immigrants from the duchy of Berg ruined by the war. On colonists elected deputy Abram Kemper’s petition submitted to Alexander I in 1816
Source: Tsarskoe Selo

About the Project

The digital chronological reference book “Tsarskoye Selo and the Town of Pushkin” presents chronologically main events of the 300-years history of the town of Pushkin

Adjutant General, Admiral D.S. Arsenyev (1832 – 1915)

D.S. Arsenyev graduated from the Naval Corps. He participated in the Crimean War of 1853-1856 and the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-1978. He was awarded the Diamond St. Alexander Nevsky Order, the White Eagle Order, the I Class Order of St

Admirals of the Russian Fleet

“Many great admirals of the Russian Fleet were educated here in the Marine Company of the Alexandrovsky Cadet Corps for minors in 1850-1860 including F.K. Avelan, A.A. Popov, V.A. Rimsky-Korsakov, N.M. Chikhachev, G.P. Chukhnin

Akhmatova A.A. (1889-1966), poet

AKHMATOVA Anna Andreevna (nee Gorenko) (1889-1966), poet, Honorary Doctor of Oxford University (1965). She spent her childhood (until 1905) in Tsarskoe Selo (the corner of Shirokaya Street and Bezymyanny Lane

Alexander I, Emperor (1777-1825)

ALEXANDER I (1777, St. Petersburg - 1825), Emperor (since 1801). Son of Emperor Paul I and Empress Maria Fedorovna. Brought up by his grandmother, Empress Catherine II

Alexander II , Emperor (1818-1881)

ALEXANDER II (1818-1881, St. Petersburg), Emperor (since 1855). He was a son of Emperor Nicholas I and Empress Alexandra Fedorovna. Tsarevitch (from 1831), General of Infantry (1847), Honorary Member of the Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1826)

Alexander III, Emperor (1845-1894)

ALEXANDER III (1845, St. Petersburg — 1894), Emperor (since 1881). Second son of Emperor Alexander II and Empress Maria Alexandrovna. From 1865, he was heir to the throne and Tsarevitch. He married the Dutch princess, Dagmar (see Maria Fedorovna)

Alexander Palace (Pushkin)

ALEXANDER PALACE (Pushkin), an architectural monument in Neoclassical style; constructed in 1792-96 (architect G. Quarenghi); located on the territory of the Alexander Park

Alexander Yakovlevich Letuchy (1908 – 2002)

A.Y. Letuchy was awarded the Title of the Hero of the Soviet Union on May 19, 1940. A.Y. Letuchy landed his aircraft in the enemy territory and rescued the crew of the disabled aircraft. A.Y

Alexandrovsky Park (Pushkin)

ALEXANDROVSKY PARK (Pushkin), a landscape architecture monument, situated west of Ekaterininsky Park. The park is a part of Tsarskoe Selo palace and park ensemble. Alexandrovsky Park covers an area of 120 hectares

Amber Room

AMBER ROOM, a unique interior of the Great Catherine Palace, and 18th century arts and crafts monument. The walls of the Amber Room are decorated with the amber panels (the only example of amber used in Russian architecture)

Annensky I.F. (1855-1909), poet and teacher

ANNENSKY Innokenty Fedorovich (1856-1909, St. Petersburg), poet, playwright, translator, critic, and teacher promoted to Actual Civil Counsellor in 1896. He graduated from the department of history and philosophy of Petersburg University with a

Apraksin P.M. (1659-1728), statesman

APRAKSIN Peter Matveevich (1659-1728), count (from 1710), statesman, acting secret councillor (1725), brother of F.M. Apraksin. In 1698-1708, he was a Novgorod Voevode (military commander)

Artemyev Nikolay Mikhaylovich (1921 – 1990)

Artemyev Nikolay Mikhaylovich was awarded the rank of the Hero of the USSR and Order of Lenin and the medal “Gold Star” (No. 1594) in October of 1943 года for the heroic exploit in the battles during the crossing of the River Dnieper

Asafyev B. V. , (1884-1949) music theorist and composer

ASAFYEV Boris Vladimirovich (penname Igor Glebov) (1884, St. Petersburg - 1949), music theorist, composer, People"s Artist of the USSR (1946), member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1946)