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Artel of Artists

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ARTEL OF ARTISTS (St. Petersburg Artel of Artists), the first ideological association of democratically-minded Russian artists. Founded in 1863 on I. N. Kramskoy's initiative by participants of the so-called Revolt of 14 - graduating students of the Academy of Arts who walked out to protest against the conservative education system - including B. B. Venig, A. K. Grigoryev, N. D. Dmitriev-Orenburgsky, F. S. Zhuravlev, A. I. Korzukhin, K. V. Lemokh, and K. E. Makovsky. Charter approved in 1865. Together, members of the Artel fulfilled various orders, such as painting icon-stands for the Petrozavodsk and the St. Petersburg Institute of Mines churches, lithographs devoted to the era of Peter the Great, and portraits. They also arranged exhibitions and charity lotteries, published illustrated albums under the name of Art Autograph in 1869 and 1870-71, and held meetings regularly on Thursdays, when they painted from nature and reported on issues relating to art. The Artel of Artists was, in many ways, a predecessor to the Society for Travelling Art Exhibitions. It dissolved after Kramskoy left in 1871. It was first situated at 4 17th Line of Vasilievsky Island, moving to Kramskoy's flat at 10 Admiralteysky Avenue in 1866 (memorial plaque installed).

Reference: Пунина И. Н. Петербургская артель художников. Л., 1966.

O. L. Leikind, D.Y. Severyukhin.

Dmitriev-Orenburgsky Nikolay Dmitrievich
Grigoryev Alexander Konstantinovich
Korzukhin Alexey Ivanovich
Kramskoy Ivan Nikolaevich
Lemokh Karl Vikentievich
Makovsky Konstantin Egorovich
Peter I, Emperor
Wenig Bogdan Bogdanovich
Zhuravlev Firs Sergeevich

17th Line of Vasilievsky Island/Saint Petersburg, city, house 4
Admiralteysky Ave/Saint Petersburg, city, house 10

Пунина И. Н. Петербургская артель художников. Л., 1966

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Academy of Arts
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Academy of Arts

ACADEMY OF ARTS (17 Universitetskaya Embankment), state establishment of higher education in the sphere of fine arts and architecture, and a higher school of art

Admiralteisky Avenue

ADMIRALTEISKY AVENUE (Admiralty Avenue) in the mid-to-late 18th century - Admiralteiskaya Street or Bolshaya Street, in 1918-44 - Roshalya Avenue in honour of revolutionary S. G. Roshal (1896-1917). A link between Palace Square and St

Artistic Unions (entry)

ARTISTIC UNIONS are unions of artists organized for the purposes of establishing joint ideas and aesthetic programmes, developing professional activity, maintaining educational and promotional efforts and charity

Kramskoy I.N., (1837-1887), Artist

KRAMSKOY Ivan Nikolaevich (1837-1887, St. Petersburg) was an artist and public figure. He studied at the Academy of Arts (1857-63) under A. T. Markov. He was a member of the Academy from 1869

Lines of Vasilievsky Island (entry)

LINES Of VASILIEVSKY ISLAND, the historical name of a number of parallel streets that intersect Vasilievsky Island from the south to the north: First to Twenty-Ninth Lines, Birzhevaya Line, Kozhevennaya Line, Kosaya Line, Mendeleevskaya Line

Makovsky K.E. (1839-1915), artist

MAKOVSKY Konstantin Egorovich (1839-1915, Petrograd), painter, V. E. Makovsky's brother. Studied at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture (1851-58) under S. K. Zaryanko, completing his studies at the Academy of Arts (1858-62)