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The Palace Power Electric Station.

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The Palace Power Electric Station complex including the main building, service wing, fence and the historic support of electricity supply network was constructed in 1896-1898 to the design of the architect S.A. Danini which was approved by the Emperor. The Power Station was used for lighting the Alexander Palace, Great Tsarskoye Selo Palace and Vladimir Palace, all palace constructions, barracks of the Life Guard Combined Infantry Regiment and His Emperor Majesty Own Escort in Tsarskoye Selo. Construction work was led by S.A. Danini, the engineer-mechanic L.R. Shvede led the assembling of the wiring equipment , later he worked as the Head of the power station. The power station consecration and grand opening took place on 8 November 1898. The main building was intended for placing an office, engine and fire room, workshops and flats for workers. The wing was intended for placing a storehouse and service rooms. In 1946-1947 the equipment was dismantled, buildings were reconstructed for the industrial corporation “Leninets”.

Semenova Galina Victorovna

Danini Silvio Amvrosievich
Shvede, L.R.

Malaya Street/Pushkin, town, house 9
Malaya Street/Pushkin, town, house 11
Tserkovnaya Street/Pushkin, town

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8 January. A.P. Chekhov, as guest, arrived to D.N. Mamin-Sibiryak in Tsarskoye Selo. The almshouse, in the memory of the merchants Sinebryukhovs, for girls and aged women began to work in Moskovskaya Street. 14 May
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30 January - 8 March. Andrei Bely, a poet and prosaist, stayed at R.V. Ivanov-Razumnik, a literary critic and publicist, in Tsarskoye Selo. 4 February. Niktopolion Svyatsky, a poet and warrior, died in Tsarskoye Selo
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