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The Nusery School of Her Majesty Empress Alexandra Fiodorovna in the Babolovsky Park.

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In 1903 Empress Alexandra Fiodorovna granted the plot located in the Babolovsky Park between Gatchina Road and Baursky Channel for building a Nusery School founded by her. The Empress attached the great importance to this educational charitable establishment maintained using her own money. The famous paediatrician K.A. Raukhfus took active part in organizing and working the Nusery School. In the school, where there was an alms-house for children of poor parents and orphans, nurse-maids were taught looking after babies. The building was built to the design of S.A. Danini. The Empress often visited the school with Grand Duchesses and they could learn ways of looking after babies there. A garden, based on the School Garden breeding nursery located here earlier, was laid around the school. The school building was rebuilt more than once for needs of constantly rising number of students. In the 1910s the building was enlarged with an outhouse from the western side also to the design of Danini. In the beginning of World War I the Empress organized one of her Tsarskoye Selo hospitals for wounded men, one more floor must be overbuilt for it. After 1917 the building has been occupied by a secondary school.

Semenova Galina Victorovna

Alexandra Fedorovna, Empress
Danini Silvio Amvrosievich
Rauchfus Karl Andreevich

Krasnoselskoe Freeway/Pushkin, town


19 January. In the Alexander Palace Nicholas II received the workers deputation after the incident "Bloody Sunday" on 9 January in Petersburg. 50 000 roubles were assigned for the families of suffered men, this was told during the meeting.
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