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The Evangelical-Lutheran Church of the Resurrection of Christ

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The Lutheran Church was founded according to the initiative of the director of the Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum Ye. A. Engelgardt and the Lyceum pastor Gnichtel. In 1817-1818 a wooden building was adapted for using as the church on money granted by Alexander I. At first public religious services were conducted by the Lyceum pastor in German and Latin languages. In the church plot there was a primary school which was maintained on the parish’s money. On 14 August 1860 the new building was laid in the place of the old one. Design, approved by the Emperor, was developed by A.F. Vidov on the base of the model project of the Lutheran church of K.A. Thorn. In 1864 Alexander II made the donation of 7,000 Rb for finishing the building and on his birthday on 17 April 1938 the church was consecrated. At the Soviet time public services were stopped here in 1938 and the building was used as a vehicle repair workshop. In 1977 on the initiative of the Finnish Evangelical community the restoration repair of facades was made under the direction of M.I. Tolstov. In the same year the church was anew consecrated in the name of the Resurrection of Christ and services were begun in Finnish and Russian.

Semenova Galina Victorovna

Alexander I, Emperor
Alexander II, Emperor
Engelgardt Egor Antonovich
Tolstov M.I.
Ton Konstantin Andreevich
Vidov Alexander Fomich

Naberezhnaya Street/Pushkin, town


17 April. The Evangelical-Lutheran Church of the Resurrection of Christ, designed by A.F. Vidov on the place of the wooden Lutheran church built by V.P. Stasov in 1810, was consecrated. General Ya.V
Source: Tsarskoe Selo


3 November. The district local history exposition, which became the basis of the future History and Literature Museum of Pushkin Town, was opened in the Pirneers' Palace building (the Reserve Palace). 11 Novenber
Source: Tsarskoe Selo