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Two Angle Houses with Towers (the guardhouse, arsenal and office of the Life-Guard Hussar His Emperor Majesty Regiment)

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Towers with wings were built in 1773-1775 to the design of V.I. Neyelov for placing the Patrimony Board of Tsarskoye Selo. The main building and wings were connected with a solid brick fence which has survived until our days. Buildings of the Cattle Yard, which are mistakenly mixed up with Neyelov’s construction, are located at a considerable distance from the southern side. In 1779-1780 V.I. Neyelov and Ch. Cameron rebuilt the complex of buildings for the Offices of Sophia Town. Different institutions were placed here until the 1810s. The Sophia Town Council was placed in the eastern tower (38 Parkovaya Street; 1 Ogorodnaya Street), the Sophia Town Lower Board was placed in the western tower (42 Parkovaya Street). After the moving of the Offices these building were used as the barracks of the Life -Guard Hussar Regiment of His Emperor Majesty until 1917. The regiment guardhouse was placed in the eastern tower. The guardhouse was connected with a Commander’s house with covered way along the stone fence. The western tower was used as the regiment office and arsenal (42 Parkovy Street).

Semenova Galina Victorovna

Cameron Charles
Neelov Vasily Ivanovich

Ogorodnaya Street/Pushkin, town
Parkovaya Street/Pushkin, town
Parkovaya Street/Pushkin, town


The spring. M.Y. Lermontov was arrested for the duel with the son of the French ambassador de Barante. M.Y. Lermontov was put into the guardhouse of the Hussar Regiment at the corner of Parkovaya Street and Ogorodnaya Street (the house is
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