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The Cottedge of Grand Duke Boris Vladimirovich (an ensemble of the Separated Park)

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A country house, looked like an English cottadge, is the first model of the St. Petersburg Modern and the scene of action of the famous series of TV films about Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. In 1896 the plot of the Separated Park on the Kolonists Pond coast, belonged to Princess M.M. Meshcherskaya (nee Princess Dolgorukaya, in the second marriage Berg), was granted by Nicholas II to Grand Duke Vladimir Alexandrovich for building the mansion for his son Boris Vladimirovich. The main house and wing with stable, coach-house and clock tower were built in 1896-1897 for the full age of the prince. It is supposed that the main house was built by the English architects Shernborn and M.X, Beily Scott, as well as the London Trade House “Maples”. The Reserve house (for placing guests, a driver and garage) was built in 1899 to the design of A.I. von Gogen. In 1918 the country house was used for short staying Grand Duke Paul Alexandrovich and his family. Since 1922 the complex belonged to the World-known All-Union Research Institute of Plant Growing according to the choice of the place by scientist – geneticist N.I. Vavilov, the founder and the first director of the institute, who worked here until his arrest.

Semenova Galina Victorovna

Boris Vladimirovich, Grand Prince
Gogen Alexander Ivanovich von
Nicholas II, Emperor
Pavel Alexandrovich, Grand Prince
Scott Bayli, M. Kh.
Vavilov Nikolay Ivanovich
Vladimir Alexandrovich, Grand Prince

Moskovskoe Freeway/Pushkin, town

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Vavilov Research Institute of Cultivation


The English country estate of Grand Duke Boris Vladinirovich was constructed in the Separate Park by the English firm "Mapl" according to designs of architects Schernborn, A.von Gogen, F. Meltzer
Source: Tsarskoe Selo