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Sadovy Bridges

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SADOVY BRIDGES, two bridges spanning the Moika River by the Summer Garden and Mikhailovsky Garden (hence the name which mean garden in Russian); feature identical street lamps. The First Sadovy Bridge (up to the early 19th century - Second Tsaritsynsky, after the Tsaritsyn Medow; until 1924 - Mikhailovsky, after Mikhailovsky Castle), is on Sadovaya Street. A wooden bridge on this site was fixed on the map of 1716, in the early 19th century a new nogging bridge on stone foundations was constructed. In 1835-36, a stone bridge was built, it featured a bow-shaped flat brick arch with spacing rows of limestone plates and granite arches for the facades (engineer P.P. Bazen, A.D. Gotman, I.F. Buttatz). In 1906-07, the vault was replaced with iron double-hinged arches with a through spandrel (engineer thought to be A.P. Pshenitsky, architect L.A. Ilyin). In 1910 and 1913, cast-iron railings and standard lamps, with pike designs (following the type of the standard lamps of the Suvorovsky Pontoon Bridge) were installed. In 1951 and 1969, the architectural decor was restored with minor alterations. In 2002, the bridge was overhauled (engineers T.Y. Kuznetsova, Y.B. Devichinsky), its decor restored. It is 33.8 metres long and 20.4 metres wide. The Second Sadovy Bridge is at the passage of the Field of Mars. In 1876, a single span iron joist bridge with trusses on cast-iron piles for a horse tramway was constructed; in 1935, it was replaced by a three span joist wooden bridge. The modern bridge was constructed in 1966-67 (engineer E.A. Boltunova, architect L.A. Noskov), with a single span triple-jointed reinforced concrete frame; the supports were faced with granite. The cast-iron railing was executed to the same pattern for the railing of the stone bridge across the Tarakanovka River by Narvsky Gate (1830s, today filled in). In 1998, it was totally renewed, the standard lamps and enclosing rails were restored. The length is 42.8 metres, the width is 20 metres.

D. Y. Guzevich, S. Z. Suponitsky, N. M. Kozlovskaya.

Bazen Peter Petrovich
Boltunova E.A.
Buttatz I.F.
Devichinsky Yu.B.
Gotman Andrey Danilovich
Ilyin Lev Alexandrovich
Kuznetsova T.Yu.
Noskov Lev Alexandrovich
Pshenitsky Andrey (Andrzej) Petrovich

Sadovaya St./Saint Petersburg, city
The Field of Mars/Saint Petersburg, city

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