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Pashkov House (Liteiny Avenue)

Categories / Architecture/Architectural Monuments/Mansions

PASHKOV HOUSE (House of Lands Department, 39 Liteiny Avenue), an architectural monument of Eclecticism. It was constructed in 1841-1844 by architect G.A. Bosse in the style of the Italian Renaissance. The facade of the two-storey building resting on a high pedestal and is accentuated by a portico with caryatids supporting the balcony. The edifice belonged to Staff-Captain I.V. Pashkov (hence the name). In 1848, it was bought by the Chief of Gendarmes, Count A.F. Orlov, in 1848-1857 it was rented by the Noble Assembly. In 1857 architect A.I. Rezanov partially rebuilt it. In 1857-1892, the building housed Holding Department (hence the second name), in 1892-1917 - the Central Holding Department of the Ministry of the Imperial Court. Since 1947, it has housed the Oil Scientific-Research Geological Exploration Institute. Pashkov House is mentioned in the poem by N.A. Nekrasov "Thoughts by the Vestibule”.

Reference: see Liteiny Avenue.

V. A. Frolov.

Bosse G.A. (see Bosse Yu.A.)
Nekrasov Nikolay Alexeevich
Orlov Alexey Fedorovich, Duke
Pashkov Ivan Vasilievich
Rezanov Alexander Ivanovich
the Orlovs

Liteiny Ave/Saint Petersburg, city, house 39

см. при ст. Литейный проспект.

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