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The subject index / Suvorov Military College, St. Petersburg

Suvorov Military College, St. Petersburg

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SUVOROV MILITARY COLLEGE, St. Petersburg (26 Sadovaya Street), Military Secondary School in preparation for Higher Military Study. Founded after the re-organisation of the Leningrad Kirov Military School, which was twice awarded the Order of the Red Banner. In 1958, it was divided into the Combined Command School (transported to Petrodvorets) and the Leningrad Suvorov Military College (which stayed at the Vorontsov Palace). The school received its current name in 1991. Apprenticeship lasts two years.

A. N. Lukirsky.

Kirov (real name Kostrikov) Sergey Mironovich

Sadovaya St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 26

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Vorontsov Palace

Cadet Corps (entry)

CADET CORPS were military educational secondary boarding schools. Until 1917, they were aimed mainly at the nobility. The education began in cadet corps from the ages of 10-12 (in the 1770s-90s, from 5-8), and lasted seven to fifteen years

Maltese Chapel

MALTESE CHAPEL, Maltese Chapel of St. John the Baptist located at 26 Sadovaya Street. An architectural monument of the Classicist style. Designed in 1797-1800, (architect G

Suvorov A.V.(1729-1800), military commander

SUVOROV Alexander Vasilyevich (1729-1800, St. Petersburg), military leader, Count of Rymnik (1789), Prince of Italy (1799), Generalissimo (1799). Received home education

Vorontsov Palace

VORONTSOV'S PALACE (26 Sadovaya Street), monument of Baroque architecture. Built in 1749-57 (architect F. Rastrelli) for Count M.I. Vorontsov (see Vorontsov Family)