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Institute of Art History

Categories / Science. Education/Science and Planning Institutions

INSTITUTE OF ART HISTORY of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, situated at 5 St. Isaac's Square, a research institution. Patterned after the Institute of Art History in Florence, it was founded by Count V. P. Zubov in 1912 and situated in Zubov's house, built by architect G. A. Bosse in 1843-47. Members of the institute held public readings, compiled catalogues of art collections, and made up a library for the history of fine arts. Handed over to the People's Commissariat of Education after the October of 1917, the institute was turned into an educational research institution and renamed the State Institute of Art History, with Y. N. Tynyanov, V. M. Zhirmunsky, B. M. Eichenbaum, B. V. Asafyev, R. I. Gruber and V. N. Vsevolodsky-Gerngross, et al. working at the institute in various times. It was reorganised as the Leningrad Branch of the State Academy of Art History. United with the Theatre Institute in 1962, under the common name of the Leningrad State Institute of Theatre, Music, and Cinema, it worked as a research department of the institute. It gained the status of a research institute in 1990 and took back its original name in 1998. There are eight departments in the institute. These are the departments of theatre, music, cinema, fine arts, folklore, musical instruments, art culture, and source study. There is also a film room, manuscript room, and scientific library in the institute, the latter containing over 260,000 volumes.

Reference: Российский институт истории искусств в мемуарах / Сост., вступ. ст., ред. и коммент. И. В. Сэпман. СПб., 2003.

A. L. Porfiryeva.

Asafyev Boris Vladimirovich
Bosse G.A. (see Bosse Yu.A.)
Eichenbaum Boris Mikhailovich
Gruber Roman Ilyich
Tynyanov Yury Nikolaevich
Vsevolodsky-Gerngross Vsevolod Nikolaevich
Zhirmunsky Viktor Maximovich
Zubov Valentin Platonovich, Count

St.Isaac's Square/Saint Petersburg, city, house 5

The subject Index
Theatre Art Academy
Theatre Art Academy

Bartold V.V., (1869-1930), orientalist

BARTOLD Vasily Vladimirovich (1869, St. Petersburg - 1930, Leningrad), orientalist, Member of the Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1913). Graduated from the Oriental Languages Faculty of Petersburg University in 1891

Bryullov B.P. (1882-1939?), Regional Ethnographer

BRYULLOV Boris Pavlovich (1882, Pavlovsk - 1939), art historian, regional ethnographer, organizer of excursions around Leningrad. Grandson of A. P. Bryullov. Graduated from the Faculty of History and Philology of the St


CINEMA. The first Russian cinema show was held on 4 May 1896 at Aquarium, a St. Petersburg entertainment venue, showing the Brothers Lumiere's program of films

Eichenbaum B.М., (1886-1959), literary historian

EICHENBAUM Boris Mikhailovich (1886-1959, Leningrad), a literary historian, Ph.D. (philology) in 1918. Living in St. Petersburg from 1905, he studied at the Army Medical Academy and P. F

Ermolaeva Vera Mikhailovna (1893-1937), artist

ERMOLAEVA Vera Mikhailovna (1893-1937), painter, graphic artist and book illustrator. She studied at the painting school of Mikhail Bernstein (1911-14) and the Archeology Institute (1914-17)

Ginzburg L.Y. (1902-1990), Historian of Literature

GINZBURG Lidia Yakovlevna (1902-1990, Leningrad), literary critic, prose writer, Ph.D. in Philosophy (1950). Ginzburg graduated from the Department of Philology of the Institute of Art History in 1926. She took seminars with Y. N. Tynyanov and B. M

Heifits I.E. (1905-1995), film director

HEIFITS Iosif Efimovich (1905-1995, St. Petersburg), film director, script writer, teacher, People’s Artist of the USSR (1964), Hero of Socialist Labour (1975)

Institute of Artistic Culture

INSTITUTE OF ARTISTIC CULTURE, State. The institute was organised in 1923 on the basis of the Museum of Artistic Culture, and was located at 9 St.Isaac's Square

Likhachev B.S. (1902-1934), cinema historian

LIKHACHEV Boris Sergeevich (1902, St. Petersburg - 1934, Leningrad), cinema historian. He studied at Petrograd Theatre College in 1917-18. He worked as an actor at the Alexandrinsky Theatre in 1919 but was drafted into the army

Malevich K.S., (1878-1935), Artist

MALEVICH Kazimir Severinovich (1878-1935, Leningrad) artist, art theorist. He was trained at the studio of F. I. Rerberg (1905-10) in Moscow. He lived in Moscow until 1919. Had phases of enthusiasm for impressionism, primitivism, cubofuturism

Ossovsky А.V., (1871-1957), music theorist

OSSOVSKY Alexander Vyacheslavovich (1871-1957, Leningrad), music theorist, corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1943), Honoured Worker of Arts of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (1938)

Sollertinsky I.I., (1902-1944), art historian

SOLLERTINSKY Ivan Ivanovich (1902-1944), critic, scholar and teacher. He graduated from the Institute for Art History in 1923 and Romance and Germanic Languages Department of Leningrad State University in 1924

Tomashevsky B.V., (1890-1957), literary historian

TOMASHEVSKY Boris Viktorovich (1890, St. Petersburg - 1957), literary historian, PhD degree in philology (1941; doctorate honoris causa). He graduated from the Technical Faculty of the University of Liege in 1912

Vinogradov V.V. (1894/95-1969), linguist

VINOGRADOV Viktor Vladimirovich (1894/95-1969), philologist, Member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1946), member of many foreign academies. In 1918, he concurrently graduated from the Institute of History and Philology and Archaeological

Yunger E.V. (1910-1999), actress

YUNGER Elena Vladimirovna (1910 - 1999, St. Petersburg), actress, People's Artist of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (1950). In 1925-30, she studied at the Leningrad Institute for Art History

Zhirmunsky V.M., (1891-1971), philologist

ZHIRMUNSKY Viktor Maximovich (1891, St. Petersburg - 1971, Leningrad), philologist, Member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1966). Graduated from the Tenishev School in 1908 and the Faculty of History and Philology of Petersburg University in