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The subject index / Zeleny Bridge

Zeleny Bridge

Categories / Architecture/Bridges

ZELENY BRIDGE (originally Petrovsky (Peter) Bridge, in 1735-68 Zeleny (green) Bridge, for its colour; in 1768-1918 Politseisky (police), in 1918-98 Narodny (people's), over the Moika River, on Nevsky Prospect. From 1716, there was a timber hoist bridge, in the late 18th century it was rebuilt as a timber three-span beam bridge on stone piers. In 1806, it was completely rebuilt (architect V.I. Hastie, consultant F.P. De Wollant). The span is arched with a cast-iron segmental fixed-vault; the rough-hewn stone piers are faced with granite. In 1842, the sidewalks were placed on brackets (engineer А.D. Gotman). In 1904-07, the bridge was reconstructed and extended by adding new tubbings and turning the vault into a double-hinged one (engineers V.А. Bers, А.L. Stanovoy, А.P. Pshenitsky). In 1908, lanterns were installed (architect L.А. Ilyin). In 1951 and 1967, the architectural decor was restored (architect А.L. Rotach). Length: approximately 39.8 m, width: 38.5 m.

D. Y. Guzevich, S. Z. Suponitsky, N. M. Kozlovskaia.

Bers Vyacheslav Andreevich
De Wollant Franz Pavlovich
Gotman Andrey Danilovich
Hastie Vasily Ivanovich (William)
Ilyin Lev Alexandrovich
Pshenitsky Andrey (Andrzej) Petrovich
Rotach Alexander Lukich
Stanovoi A.L.

Nevsky prospect/Saint Petersburg, city