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The Tower Ruin , a monument

Categories / Tsarskoe Selo and town of Pushkin. The digital chronological reference book/Monuments of history and culture

The town of Pushkin. The Catherine Park, near the Ramp Alley and the Gatchina Gate.

Architect: Yury Matveyevich Velten (1730-1801)
Painter: Aleksey Ivanovich Belsky (1726-1796)
The Tower Ruin was constructed in 1771-1773.

Materials: brick, plaster, wall-painting al fresco was used for the tower, Serdobol granite was used for the socle, Pudost stone was used for the archivolt, white marble was used for the the key-stone with the inscription.

The inscription was carved on the key-stone with the Old-Russian letters:
In memory of the war declared on Russia by the Turks, this stone was set in place in 1768.

The monumental construction is the huge Doric column, coreless inside, with the abacus used as a view ground. The wall as a ramp, marked with a blind semicircular arch from the northern side, joins to the tower from the eastern side. In the key-stone there is a marble block with the inscription remembered about the beginning of the Russo-Turkish War of 1768-1774. The construction work was done under supervising of the architect assistant I.M. Sitnikov from 3 June 1771 to the end of building season in 1773. Outside walls were painted by A.I. Belsky, with carving the plaster and cracks for the imitation of the destroying of the brickwork. Depicting of the Tower Ruin became one of the popular plots of the Tsarskoye Selo landscapes. The restoration of the pavilion-monument done during many years was finished in 2006.

The high of the monument is 21 metres.

Belsky, Aleksey Ivanovich
Felten Yury (Georg Friedrich) Matveevich
Sitnikov, I.M.

Ekaterininsky Park/Pushkin, town вблизи Рамповой аллеи и Гатчинских ворот

Catherine Park (Pushkin town), ensemble

CATHERINE PARK (Pushkin town), a monument of landscape architecture and the central part of Tsarskoe Selo palace ensemble. Its consists of a total of 107 hectares The park consists of a grassed and a landscape areas, divided by the Great Pond

the 1770s

The Kagul Obelisk, Morey Column, Chesme Column, Crimea Column, Tower Ruin, Turkish Cascade were built in the honour of the victories of the Russian Army in the Russo - Turkish War of 1768-1774
Source: Tsarskoe Selo

The Chesme Column

The decisive naval battle took place in the Chesme Bay (Aegean Sea) in June 1770. “All honor to the Russian fleet! On the 25th-26th we attacked, defeated, crashed, burnt

The Orlov (Gatchina) Gate

A grand 15 meters high arch is situated at the southern border of the Catherine Park not far from the Ruin Tower. A road to Gatchina, a former estate of Count G.G