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Maly Drama Theatre - Theatre of Europe

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MALY DRAMA THEATRE - THEATRE OF EUROPE (MDT) at 18 Rubinsteina Street. Founded in 1944 in besieged Leningrad as a regional travelling theatre company, the theatre became settled in its present building in 1956. In 1992 it became a member of the Union of Theatres of Europe, in 1993 it was granted the status of Academic theatre, and since 1998 it boasts the title of a Theatre of Europe, coming under federal control in 2003. Its early 1970s creative renewal was connected with the works of young directors G.N. Yanovskaya, Y.B. Dvorkin, and mainly of those of E.M. Padve (main director in 1973-83), who united the company, built up the theatre's repertoire, and began collaborating with artists E.S. Kochergin and M.F. Kitaev. Padve's best-known productions at the MDT are The Incident by N.E. Baer, Look Back in Anger by D. Osborn, The Officers based on A.I. Kuprin's story The Duel, Law of Eternity based on N.V. Dumbadze's book, Fiesta based on the story by E. Hemingway, A Page from the Diary of Pechorin based on M.Y. Lermontov's story Princess Mary, and Twenty Minutes with an Angel by A.V. Vampilov. Padve invited talented directors to work for the theatre, including V.S. Golikov, V.B. Pazi, V.M. Filshtinsky, and particularly L.A. Dodin, the theatre's main director since 1983, who had staged many plays at the MDT in the 1970s, including The Robber by K. Capek, The Rose Tattoo by T. Williams, Live and Remember based on the book by V. G. Rasputin, Destination by A.M. Volodin. The period of Dodin's direction started with stagings of F.A. Abramov's prose work, including The House (1980), and Brothers and Sisters (1986, State Prize of the USSR). The theatre company was constantly enriched and is still regularly enriched with Dodin's students from the Leningrad State Institute for Theatre, Music, and Cinematography (see Academy of Dramatic Art). An adherent believer in the importance for a director to create original interpretations of works of literature for the stage, Dodin forms the theatre's repertoire by combining Russian and foreign works of modern and classic prose and drama. Among the most famous of Dodin's productions at the MDT are Lord of the Flies based on W. Golding's book; Stars in the Morning Sky by A.M. Galin; The Old Man based on the story by Y.V. Trifonov; The Devils based on F. M. Dostoevsky's novel; Gaudeamus based on S.E. Kaledin's prose (State Prize of Russia, 1993); Claustrophobia based on stories by V.V. Erofeev; V.G. Sorokin, L.E. Ulitskaya, and M.S. Kharitonov; The Cherry Orchard, A Play Without a Title and The Seagull by Anton Chekhov; Chevengur based on the novel by Andrey Platonov; and The Moscow Choir by L.S. Petrushevskaya. In 1997 a branch of the MDT was opened in Kirishi, and in 1999 the chamber stage was opened as a creative laboratory for young actors and directors, and where the annual festival of directors' debuts is held. The playbill features productions by Filshtinsky, V.A. Tumanov, I.G. Konyaev, D. Donnellan, I.V. Nikolaev, Y.M. Kordonsky, S.K. Kargin, and G.I. Dityatkovsky. Many performances have been awarded prestigious theatrical prizes by St. Petersburg, Russia, and Europe. The MDT tours all around the world and takes part in many International festivals. Many important actors have played and continue to play at the MDT, including N.G. Lavrov, I.N. Demich, M.I. Samochko, V.P. Bykova, S.S. Bekhterev, T.B. Shestakova, N.V. Akimova, N.A. Fomenko, I.Y. Ivanov, I.B. Sklyar, S.A. Vlasov, P.M. Semak, T.D. Rasskazova, S.V. Kozyrev, A.V. Zavyalov, V. L. Zakharyev, S.V. Kuryshev, I.S. Chernevich, and I.V. Tychinina. Teachers M.I. Alexandrov, Y.H. Vasilkov, V.N. Galendeev and E.M. Davydov work and take active part in performances production. Dodin - People's Artist of Russia, Prize-Winner of State Prize of the USSR and Russia, and Professor - has been the MDT's general manager and artistic director since 2002. The theatre building was constructed in 1911 (architect V.V. Fondeizen). In 1911-20 it housed the Troitsky Theatre (Theatre of Miniatures, Troitsky Theatre of Miniatures), from 1920 the Workshop of Revolutionary Miniatures (Marem), from 1924 the Baba Yaga cinema, and various companies of miniatures and variety companies later on. In 1928-36 it was the venue for the Molodoy (Young) Theatre (renamed the Theatre-Studio in 1935 under the guidance of S.E. Radlov).

A. A. Kirillov.

Abramov Fedor Alexandrovich
Akimova Natalia Valentinovna
Alexandrov M.I.
Baer N.-E.
Bekhterev Sergey Stanislavovich
Bykova Vera
Capek Karel
Chekhov Anton Pavlovich
Chernevich Igor S.
Davydov E.M.
Demich Irina Nikolaevna
Dityatkovsky Grigory Isaakovich
Dodin Lev Abramovich
Donnellan Declan
Dostoevsky Fedor Mikhailovich
Dumbadze Nodar Vladimirovich
Dvorkin Yu.B.
Erofeev Venedikt Vasilievich
Filshtinsky Veniamin Mikhailovich
Fomenko Natalia Alexandrovna
Fondeizen V.V.
Galendeev Valery Nikolaevich
Galin A.M.
Golding William
Golikov Vadim Sergeevich
Hemingway Ernest
Ivanov Igor Yurievich
Kaledin Sergey Evgenievich
Kargin Sergey Konstantinovich
Kharitonov M.S.
Kitaev Mart Frolovich
Kochergin Eduard Stepanovich
Konyaev Igor Grigorievich
Kordonsky Yury M.
Kozyrev Sergey Valentinovich
Kuprin Alexander Ivanovich
Kuryshev Sergey Vladimirovich
Lavrov Nikolay Grigorievich
Lermontov Mikhail Yurievich
Nikolaev Ivan Valentinovich
Osborn John
Padve Efim Mikhailovich
Pazi Vladislav Borisovich
Petrushevskaya Lyudmila Stefanovna
Platonov Andrey Platonovich
Radlov Sergey Ernestovich
Rasputin Valentin Grigorievich
Rasskazova Tatyana Dmitrievna
Samochko Mikhail I.
Semak Peter Mikhailovich
Shestakova Tatyana Borisovna
Sklyar Igor Borisovich
Sorokin V.G.
Trifonov Yury Valentinovich
Tumanov Vladimir Anatolievich
Tychinina Irina V.
Ulitskaya Lyudmila Evgenievna
Vampilov Alexander Valentinovich
Vasilkov Yury H.
Vlasov Sergey Afanasievich
Volodin Alexander Moiseevich
Williams Tennessee
Yanovskaya Genrietta Naumovna
Zakharyev Vladimir L.
Zavyalov Alexander V.

Rubinsteina St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 18

Ленингр. М. драм. т-р. Л., 1965.

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Theatre Art Academy

Abramov F.A. (1920-1983), writer

ABRAMOV Fedor Alexanderovich (1920-1983, Leningrad), writer, essayist. He lived in Leningrad from 1938. He participated in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-45, was heavily wounded in the battle for Leningrad

Akimov Comedy Theatre

AKIMOV COMEDY THEATRE (56 Nevsky Prospect). Founded in 1926 as the Satire Theatre (private non-repertory company). Originally, it mainly produced so-called programme-reviews comprised of burning miniatures. B.A. Babochkin, L.O

Drama Theatre (entry)

DRAMA THEATRE. The performances of the theatre of Tsar Peter the Great's sister, Tsarevna Natalia Alexeevna (from 1714) can be considered as the first attempts to establish a standing public theatre in St. Petersburg

Kosyakov Vas. A., Kosyakov Vl. A., Kosyakov G.A., architects

KOSYAKOV family, architects, brothers, masters of Neo-Russian and Neoclassical styles. Vasily Antonovich Kosyakov (1862, St. Petersburg - 1921, Petrograd), graduated from the Civil Engineers' Institute (1885); from 1900

Rubinsteina Street

RUBINSTEINA STREET (from 1739 - Golovin Lane, after house-owner Count F.A. Golovin; from 1798 - Troitsky Lane, after the Metochion of Holy Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius located at 44 Fontanka River Embankment, in 1887-1929 Troitskaya Street)

Tovstonogov Bolshoy Drama Theatre

TOVSTONOGOV BOLSHOY DRAMA THEATRE (BDT), academic theater located at 65 Fontanka Embankment, founded in 1919 by the joint effort of A.A. Blok (director), M. Gorky (in 1932-92 bore his name) and M.F