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Lebyazhy Bridges

Categories / Architecture/Bridges

LEBYAZHY BRIDGES, two bridges spanning Lebyazhy Canal. The Nizhne-Lebyazhy Bridge (Lower Lebyazhy Bridge, formerly the first Tsaritsynsky, after Tsaritsyn Medow, see the Field of Mars) is on the Moika River Embankment. It was constructed from between 1720 and 1733 as a wooden drawbridge (craftsman H. van Boles); by the 1760s, it had been replaced by a beam one. The new bridge was constructed in 1835-37 (engineer P.P. Bazen, A.D. Gotman, A.I. Remizov), it featured bow-shaped gently sloping granite and brick arch with separating rows of limestone plates, granite arches on the facades and cast-iron enclosing rails of an original design. In 1849, because of the collapse of the arch the bridge was reconstructed from the same materials. In 1924-26, the aperture was covered with a reinforced concrete elliptical arch featuring granite facing (engineers B.D. Vasilyev, A.L. Solareva). The appearance and railings have been preserved. The length is 23.9 metres, the width is 19.9 metres. The Verkhne-Lebyazhy (Upper Lebyazhy) bridge (formerly Lebediny) on Dvortsovaya Embankment was constructed simultaneously with the granite Neva embankments in 1767-68 (architects thought to be Y.M. Felten and T.I. Nasonov) on the site of a wooden drawbridge constructed between 1720 and 1733. The rough stone piers are faced with granite. The enclosures are shaped as a granite parapet. In 1927-28, it was replaced with a monolithic reinforced concrete one, faced with granite (engineer B.D. Vasilyev, L.A. Krushelnitsky). The length is about 18.8 metres, the width is 15 metres.

D. Y. Guzevich.

Bazen Peter Petrovich
Boles Harmann van
Felten Yury (Georg Friedrich) Matveevich
Gotman Andrey Danilovich
Krushelnitsky L.A.
Nasonov Timofey Ivanovich
Remizov A.I.
Solareva A.L.
Vasilyev Boris Dmitrievich

Dvortsovaya Embankment/Saint Petersburg, city
Moika River Embankment/Saint Petersburg, city

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