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The subject index / Surf, the Publishing House, 1913, 1922

Surf, the Publishing House, 1913, 1922

Categories / Literature. Book Publishing/Publishing Houses

SURF, 1) the legal Bolshevik publishing house. It was established in 1913 under the management of M. S. Olminsky, A. I. Ulyanov-Elizarov, M. A. Savelyev, F. I. Drabkin et al. It was situated at 9 Izmaylovsky Avenue. The Surf published political and subversive literature, brochures and books on the questions of the workers' movement, including the collection Marxism and Abolishment, the reference book Worker's Companion for 1914 (V. I. Lenin participated in their compilation), the first Collection by Proletarian Writers edited by M. Gorky. Many publications were prohibited by the censor. The Surf was closed in 1914, it was reestablished in March 1917 under the guidance of K. T. Novgorodtseva-Sverdlova, being the main publishing house of the Bolsheviks, it published works of Lenin, K. Marx, F. Engels, V. V. Vorovsky, D. Bedny et al. The publishing house and the book storehouse were situated on 27 Nikolaevskaya Street (today Marata Street) (from April 1917 - 12 Nikolaevskaya Street), the secret storehouse was situated on 19 Furshtatskaya Street. In 1918, the Surf was united with publishing houses Life and Knowledge and Wave and it was transformed into the publishing house Communist. 2) A cooperative publishing house, it was established in November 1922 by decree of the Petrograd Committee of the Russian Communist Party (of Bolsheviks) attached to the Communist University. It published social and political literature, social and economic literature, books for self-education, a number of journals. It was situated at 1 Nevsky Prospect (later - 52 Nevsky Prospect). The literary-artistic department arranged in April 1926 (headed by M. L. Slonimsky) published mostly works by contemporary writers (B. A. Lavrenev, N. N. Nikitin, A. N. Tolstoy, A. A. Fadeev, O. D. Forsh). In 1927, the publishing house joined Lengiz.

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T. M. Dvinyatina.

Bedny Demyan (real name Pridvorov E.A.)
Drabkina Feodosia Ilyinichna
Engels Friedrich
Fadeev Alexander Alexandrovich
Forsh Olga Dmitrievna
Gorky Maxim (Alexey Maximovich Peshkov)
Lavrenev Boris Andreevich
Lenin (real name Ulyanov) Vladimir Ilyich
Marx Karl
Nikitin Nikolay Nikolaevich
Novgorodtseva-Sverdlova Klavdia Timofeevna
Olminsky Mikhail Stepanovich
Savelyev Maximilian Alexandrovich
Slonimsky Mikhail Leonidovich
Tolstoy Alexey Nikolaevich
Ulyanova-Elizarova Anna Ilyinichna
Vorovsky Vatslav Vatslavovich

Furshtatskaya St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 19
Izmailovsky Avenue/Saint Petersburg, city, house 9
Marata St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 27
Nevsky prospect/Saint Petersburg, city, house 1
Nevsky prospect/Saint Petersburg, city, house 52

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Bakhtin М.М. (1895-1975), theorist of literature

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Petrograd Bureau of the Central Committee of Russian Communist Party (of Bolsheviks)

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Slonimsky M.L. (1897-1972), writer

SLONIMSKY Mikhail Leonidovich (1897, St. Petersburg - 1972, Leningrad), writer. He graduated from the Fourth Classic (Larinskaya) Gymnasium (15 Sixth Line of Vasilievsky Island), and went to the front line as a volunteer in 1915

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