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The subject index / Pavlovsky Life Guards Regiment

Pavlovsky Life Guards Regiment

Categories / Army. Navy/Garrison

PAVLOVSKY LIFE GUARDS REGIMENT, infantry guards regiment. Raised in 1790 from separate grenadier companies like the Pavlovsky Grenadier Regiment. Participated in the wars with France (1799, 1805, 1806-07, 1812-14); Turkey (1828-29, 1877-78); the suppression of the Polish Uprising in 1830-31; and in WW I of 1914-18. For distinguished performance in the campaign of 1812 the regiment was assigned to the New Guards, and in 1831 - to the Old Guards. Quartered in St. Petersburg, till 1821 - in apartments, later in specially built barracks (1 Field of Mars; 1817-19, architect V.P. Stasov). The regiment chapel was the Alexander Nevsky Church (housed on the 2nd floor of the quarters). Disbanded in 1918.

Reference: История лейб-гвардии Павловского полка, 1790-1890 / П. Н. Воронов и др. СПб., 1890.

G. V. Kalashnikov.

Stasov Vasily Petrovich

The Field of Mars/Saint Petersburg, city, house 1

История лейб-гвардии Павловского полка, 1790-1890 / П. Н. Воронов и др. СПб., 1890


Assignment of Recruits

ASSIGNMENT OF RECRUITS, ceremony of assignment of recruits to guards regiments, introduced by emperor Nicholas I, was held annually 4-6 times during autumn in the Mikhailovsky Manege (Riding Academy) personally by the Emperor or guards corps

February Revolution of 1917

FEBRUARY REVOLUTION OF 1917 is the Second Russian Revolution, which dethroned the Monarchy. Decisive events developed in Petrograd. On 23 February (8 March) 1917


GUARDS, life guards, elite, privileged military unit. The Russian Guards were established by Peter I in 1700, when the Preobrazhensky and Semenovsky regiments gained the title of life guards

Guards' Case

GUARDS' CASE (Spring case), one from the series of cases fabricated by the Joint State Political Administration Board against former officers of Imperial and White Armies

Military Churches (entry)

MILITARY CHURCHES, churches attached to military units, emerged parallelly with the foundation of the city, set up as field churches in regimental settlements - garrison, infantry and guards quarters

October Revolution (October Armed Revolt) of 1917

OCTOBER REVOLUTION (OCTOBER ARMED REVOLT) of 1917, the name accepted in Soviet historical literature of the events in Petrograd of 24 -26 October (6 -8 November) 1917

Revolution of 1905-07

REVOLUTION OF 1905-07. The first people's bourgeois-democratic revolution in Russia. Caused by socioeconomic contradictions and the country's political development following the reforms of 1860s-70s

The Life-Guards 2nd Tsarskoselsky Rifle Regiment

The Life-Guards 2nd Rifle Battalion was established on March 27, 1856 on the basis of the rifle companies of the 2nd Guard Division. The Battalion was made a part of the Old Guard and given all rights and privileges of the Old Guard