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Admiralty Fortress

Categories / Architecture/Architectural Monuments/Fortresses and Forts

ADMIRALTY FORTRESS, founded together with the Main Admiralty on 5 November 1704. The design of the fortress was drafted by Tsar Peter the Great under the guidance of Y.V. Bruce. Rectangular in shape, the Admiralty Fortress embraced the complex of the Main Admiralty and Admiralteyskaya Dockyard from three sides; the fortress consisted of an earth-filled rampart with five bastions (four in the corners, and one in the centre of the southern curtain wall) and a moat filled with water and covered with a rampart. A vast open space was left in front of the rampart, an esplanade (Admiralty Meadow in the 18th century). In 1716, the Admiralty Fortress was redesigned: the outline of the fortifications remained the same, but their profile was changed. In 1717-20, Admiralteysky Canal was dug out of the fortress moat towards Galernaya Dockyard. From 1736 through 1807, the signal rounds (including the shot at noon) were fired from the ramparts of the Admiralty Fortress. As of the mid-1710s, the fortress lost its importance as a fortification; and in the early 19th century it was demolished, Alexandrovsky Garden and Admiralteysky Avenue being laid out in its place.

A. N. Lukirsky.

Bruce Yakov Villimovich (James Daniel)
Peter I, Emperor

Admiralteysky Ave/Saint Petersburg, city

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