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Society of Russian Watercolorists

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SOCIETY OF RUSSIAN WATERCOLORISTS, named the Circle of Russian Watercolorists till 1887 and the Imperial Society of Russian Watercolorists in 1907-17, art association founded in 1880 on the initiative of artist and teacher E. S. Villiers de L'Ille-Adam in order to contribute to the success and development of watercolour painting in Russia. Charter approved in 1887. The society was joined by A. K. Beggrow, Albert N. Benois (the society's head until 1897 and a full member thereof afterwards), R. A. Bergholz, (the society's head in 1904-18), A. P. Bogolyubov, A. S. Egornov (the society's head in 1897-1902), N. N. Karazin, M. P. Klodt, K. Y. Kryzhitsky, L. F. Lagorio, L. O. Premazzi, and P. P. Sokolov. The society organized 38 watercolour exhibitions between 1880 and 1918, hosted by the Society for the Encouragement of the Arts until 1895, and the Academy of Arts and the Passage afterwards, three exhibitions of graphic arts called Blanc et Noir (White and Black), and a number of exhibitions travelling to Moscow and Riga. It also arranged the regular Watercolour Fridays, a set of literary and artistic soirees and music parties held in the Academy of Arts and attended by members of the imperial family. The society disbanded in 1918.

Reference: Андреева Е. Из истории Общества русских акварелистов (1880-1918 гг.) // Искусство рисунка. М., 1990. С. 108-124.

O. L. Leikind, D.Y. Severyukhin.

Beggrow Alexander Carlovich
Benois Albert Nikolaevich
Bergholz Richard Alexandrovich
Bogolyubov Alexey
Egornov Alexander Semenovich
Karazin Nikolay Nikolaevich
Klodt Mikhail Petrovich
Kryzhitsky Konstantin Yakovlevich
Lagorio Lev Felixovich
Premazzi Ludwig Osipovich
Sokolov Pavel Petrovich
Villiers de L'Ille-Adam Emily Samoilovich

Андреева Е. Из истории Общества русских акварелистов (1880-1918 гг.) // Искусство рисунка. М., 1990

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ARTISTIC UNIONS are unions of artists organized for the purposes of establishing joint ideas and aesthetic programmes, developing professional activity, maintaining educational and promotional efforts and charity

Beggrow Alexander Carlovich (1841-1914), artist

BEGGROW Alexander Carlovich (1841, St. Petersburg - 1914, Gatchina), artist. The son of Carl Beggrow, Alexander studied at the Engineering and Artillery Schools (1853-1863); and in Academy of Arts under Mikhail Klodt (1873, an academic since 1899

Benois Albert N. (1852-1936), architect, artist

Benois Albert Nikolaevich (1852, St. Petersburg - 1936), aquarellist and architect. The son of N. L. Benois, brother of Alexander N. Benois. In 1871-77, he studied at the Architectural Department of the Academy of Fine Arts

Khrenov A. S. (1860-1926), architect

KHRENOV Alexander Sergeevich (1860, St. Petersburg - 1926), architect and aquarellist. Graduated from St. Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts (1884). In 1888, assumed the position of architect of St

Scherbov P.E., (1866-1938), artist

SCHERBOV Pavel Egorovich (1866, St. Petersburg - 1938, Gatchina), graphic caricaturist. He studied at the Academy of Arts in 1885-1886. His sharply satirical drawings and water-colours portray the literary and artistic life of St