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The subject index / Repin Academic Institute Of Painting, Sculpture And Architecture, St. Petersburg State

Repin Academic Institute Of Painting, Sculpture And Architecture, St. Petersburg State

Categories / Science. Education/Educational Institutions

REPIN ACADEMIC INSTITUTE OF PAINTING, SCULPTURE AND ARCHITECTURE, ST. PETERSBURG STATE, located at 17 Universitetskaya Embankment is the oldest Russian institution of higher artistic education. It was established in 1757 as a part of the Academy of Arts. From 1893 to 1918, it was called the Higher Arts College of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture at the Academy of Arts. Leading artistic figures studied and taught at the Academy of Arts from 1758 to 1918, including G. I. Ugryumov, A. E. Egorov, V. K. Shebuev, A. G. Venetsianov, O. A. Kiprensky, I. K. Aivazovsky, K. P. Bryullov, P. A. Fedotov, I. N. Kramskoy, N. N. Ge, P. P. Chistyakov, I. E. Repin, V. E. Makovsky, I. I. Shishkin, V. I. Surikov, A. I. Kuindzhi, V. A. Serov, M. A. Vrubel, M. V. Nesterov, N. K. Roerich, B. M. Kustodiev, sculptors M. I. Kozlovsky, F. I. Shubin, I. P. Martos, V. I. Demut-Malinovsky, S. S. Pimenov, N. A. Laveretsky, P. K. Klodt, M. O. Mikeshin, architects V. I. Bazhenov, Y. M. Velten, A. F. Kokorinov, I. E. Starov, A. D. Zakharov, A. A. Mikhailov, A. N. Voronikhin, K. A. Ton, N. E. Efimov, A. I. Stakenschneider, D. I. Grimm, N. L. Benois and L. N. Benois, F. I. Lidval, A. V. Shchusev, V. A. Shchuko and I. A. Fomin. The Higher Arts College was transformed into the Petrograd State Free Art Educational Workshops in 1918. They were reformed into the Higher Arts Technical Workshops in 1921. In 1922, the workshops were united with the Baron А. L. Stieglitz Central College of Technical Drawing into the Higher Arts Technical Institute. It became the Institute of Proletarian Fine Arts in 1930. It received its present-day name in 1932. It was named after I. E. Repin in 1944. The institute was subordinate to the All-Russian Academy of Arts from 1933. It was subordinated to the Academy of Arts of the USSR from 1947. It is subordinated to the Russian Academy of Arts since 1992. The institute was housed in the buildings of the former Academy of Arts. Artists I. I. Brodsky, E. E. Moiseenko, Y. M. Neprintsev, A. A. Rylov, A. I. Savinov, B. S. Ugarov, graphic artists I. Y. Bilibin, V. A. Vetrogonsky, V. M. Konashevich, A. F. Pakhomov, P. A. Shillingovsky, sculptors M. K. Anikushin, A. T. Matveev, M. G. Manizer, V. A. Sinaisky, architects N. A. Trotsky, I. I. Fomin, mosaic master V. A. Frolov et al. taught at the institute during the Soviet period. The I. E. Repin Institute consisted of five faculties in 2003: the Faculty of Painting (with workshops for easel, monumental, church historical, theatre decoration painting, restoration), the Faculty of Graphic Arts (with the workshops for book and easel graphic art), the Faculty of Sculpture (with workshops for easel, monumental sculpture, restoration), the Faculty of Architecture, Art Theory and Art History with internal and extramural departments. The post-graduate course and the Faculty for Upskilling Teachers of upper and intermediate arts schools function at the institute. Approximately 1,500 students, including foreign students study at the institute. The training lasts for five years. About 200 professors and lecturers teach at the institute and carry out research work. The I. E. Repin Institute publishes educational literature, collections of research work, holds exhibitions of students' and graduates’ works.

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S. V. Boglachev.

Aivazovsky Ivan Konstantinovich
Anikushin Mikhail Konstantinovich
Bazhenov Vasily Ivanovich
Benois Leonty Nikolaevich
Benois Nikolay Alexandrovich
Benois Nikolay Leontievich
Bilibin Ivan Yakovlevich
Brodsky Isaak Izrailevich
Bryullov Karl Pavlovich
Chistyakov Pavel Petrovich
Demut-Malinovsky Vasily Ivanovich
Efimov Nikolay Efimovich
Egorov Alexey Egorovich
Fedotov Pavel Andreevich
Felten Yury (Georg Friedrich) Matveevich
Fomin Igor Ivanovich
Fomin Ivan Alexandrovich
Frolov Vladimir Alexandrovich
Ge Nikolay Nikolaevich
Grimm David Ivanovich
Kiprensky Orest Adamovich
Klodt von Jurgensburg Peter Karlovich
Kokorinov Alexander Filippovich
Konashevich Vladimir Mikhailovich
Kozlovsky Mikhail Ivanovich
Kramskoy Ivan Nikolaevich
Kuindzhi Arkhip Ivanovich
Kustodiev Boris Mikhailovich
Laveretsky Nikolay Akimovich
Lidval Fedor (Iogan Friedrich) Ivanovich
Makovsky Vladimir Egorovich
Manizer Matvey Genrikhovich
Martos Ivan Petrovich
Matveev Alexander Terentievich
Mikeshin Mikhail Osipovich
Mikhaylov (Mikhaylov 2nd) Andrey Alexeevich
Moiseenko Evsey Evseevich
Neprintsev Yury Mikhailovich
Nesterov Mikhail Vasilievich
Pakhomov Alexey Fedorovich
Pimenov Stepan Stepanovich
Repin Ilya Efimovich
Roerich Nikolay Konstantinovich
Rylov Arkady Alexandrovich
Savinov Alexander Ivanovich
Serov Valentin Alexandrovich
Shchuko Vladimir Alexeevich
Shchusev Alexey Viktorovich
Shebuev Vasily Kozmich
Shillingovsky Pavel Alexandrovich
Shishkin Ivan Ivanovich
Shubin Fedot Ivanovich
Sinaisky Viktor Alexandrovich
Stakensсhneider Andrey Ivanovich
Starov Ivan Egorovich
Stieglitz Alexander Ludwigovich, Baron
Surikov Vasily Ivanovich
Ton Konstantin Andreevich
Trotsky Noy Abramovich
Ugarov Boris Sergeevich
Ugryumov Grigory Ivanovich
Venetsianov Alexander Gavrilovich
Vetrogonsky Vladimir Alexandrovich
Voronikhin Andrey Nikiforovich
Vrubel Mikhail Alexandrovich
Zakharov Andreyan (Adrian) Dmitrievich

Universitetskaya Embankment/Saint Petersburg, city, house 17

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