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The subject index / Central St. Petersburg State Historical Archive

Central St. Petersburg State Historical Archive

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CENTRAL ST. PETERSBURG STATE HISTORICAL ARCHIVE (18 Pskovskaya Street) was founded in 1936 as Leningrad Regional Historical Archive, in 1941 it was renamed the Leningrad State Regional Historical Archive, in 1964 it was the Leningrad State Historical Archive, in 1988 it was the Central Leningrad State Historical Archive, and since 1991 it has been called by its present-day name. It contains (2002) 2,071 foundations, over 1.9 million files on history of St. Petersburg until 1917. Among them are the foundations of St. Petersburg and St. Petersburg regional institutions (administrative and police, city government, estate and land, law, finance, credit and statistic, transport and communications, medical and others), as well as foundations of trade and industrial enterprises, scientific, educational and artists’ public and private foundations. Documents from foundations of administrative institutions and industrial enterprises (Baltic Shipbuilding Plant, Okhta Powder Plant, Sestroretsk Arms Plant, Obukhovsky Plant, etc.) characterise the history of appearance and development of Petersburg industry. The archive comprises foundations of the City Authority and the City Duma. Chancelleries of the chief of the city administration contains data about the city development, construction and reconstruction of architectural ensembles, city economy, building of hospitals, schools, libraries, city transport (omnibuses, horse cars, tramways), trade and many other subjects. The archive has plans of St. Petersburg, sketches and plans of private and public buildings, materials about the construction of theatres, private houses, cinemas, monuments, streets, and projects of subway and protection of the city from inundations. Included in the archives are the foundations of Petrograd University, Alexandrovsky Lyceum, Law School, Mining Institute, the Institute of Communications, Technological Institute, Polytechnical Institute, Conservatory, and Higher Women's (Bestuzhevsky) Courses. Also included is the foundation of the Tenishevsky School, which contains materials on the history of culture, science and education, including regulations of education institutions, decrees about institutes, gymnasiums, courses and schools, curriculums, programs of studies, students personal files, student compositions and dissertations, data about scientific activity of professors and teachers, etc. The foundations of the Russian Music Association, Petrograd Architects Society, charity, scientific, educational, literary, historical and ethnographic societies, publishing houses and editorial bodies inform about the development of culture and contain data about the organisation of concerts, exhibitions, competitions, honouring of figures of culture. The foundations of Petrograd Theological Consistory, Petrograd Eparchial Council, and churches, cathedrals and monasteries contain data about religious life (acts of church examinations, clergy records, church books, confessionary manuscripts, correspondence about the construction and department of churches and monasteries, documents of theological educational institutions, etc.). In the archive there are also private foundations of such figures of education, science, engineering and culture as: V.M. Bekhterev, P.F. Lesgaft, V.E. Timonov, V.A. Grave, M.I. Vladeslavlev, Father Ioann Kronshtadtsky (I.I. Sergiev), N.S. Tagantsev, etc.

References: Ленинградский областной исторический архив: Крат. путеводитель. Л., 1960; Архивы России: Москва и С.-Петербург: Справ.-обозрение и библиогр. указ. М., 1997.

N. F. Nikoltseva.

Bekhterev Vladimir Mikhailovich
Grave V.A.
Lesgaft Peter Franzevich
Sergiyev (Kronshtadsky) Ioann Ilyich, the Saint
Tagantsev Nikolay Stepanovich
Tenishev Vyacheslav Nikolaevich
Timonov Vsevolod Evgenievich
Vladislavlev Mikhail Ivanovich

Pskovskaya St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 18

Ленинградский областной исторический архив: Крат. путеводитель. Л., I960
Архивы России: Москва и С.-Петербург: Справ.-обозрение и библиогр. указ. М., 1997

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ARCHIVES, state repositories, scientific institutions, departmental associations collect, preserve, and work with documents and materials on the history of modern life

Valk S.N., (1887-1975), historian

VALK Sigizmund Natanovich (1887-1975, Leningrad), historian, archeograph, archivist, Ph.D. (Doctor of Historical Sciences) (1936), Professor (1946). Graduated from the Faculty of History and Philology of Petersburg University (1913)