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The subject index / Molodezhny (Youth) Theatre on Fontanka

Molodezhny (Youth) Theatre on Fontanka

Categories / Art/Music, Theatre/Theaters, Concert Organizations

MOLODEZHNY (YOUTH) THEATRE ON FONTANKA, founded in 1979 by director V.A. Malyshchitsky (main director in 1979-83), a leader of the Russian studio movement. Served as experimental grounds for the search of new theatrical forms. Aside from professional actors, the theatre company was joined by many amateur actors of the theatrical studio of the Leningrad Institute for Railway Engineers. The Youth Theatre opened in 1980 with the performance of The Hundred Bestuzhev Brothers (B.A. Goller). Among its best-known productions were Sotnikov (based on V.V. Bykov's book) and The Day Lasts More than a Hundred Years (based on C.T. Aytmatov's book), featuring principal actors V.I. Frolov, N.N. Usatova, and Y.F. Ovsyanko. In 1983-89 E.M. Padve acted as the theatre's main director. His productions include Music was Played in the Garden (a performance-concert), Cyrano de Bergerac (based on E. Rostand's book), Duck Hunting (A.V. Vampilov), and The Road to Little Dot (J. Steinbeck), and featuring principal actors A.M. Slivnikov, O.V. Melikhova, and A.V. Chaban. S.Y. Spivak became the theatre's main director in 1989 and its artistic director in 1992. Some of the Molodoy (Young) Theatre's performances staged by Spivak, such as Tango by S. Mrozhek, 1988, became part of the Youth Theatre's repertoire. Among Spivak's productions at the Molodezhny (Youth) Theatre are The Would-Be Gentleman (J.-B. Moliere , 1989), Madame de Sade (Y. Mishima, 1997), Killer Whale (A.N. Tolstoy, 1999), The Lark (J. Anouilh, 2001), The Holy Terrors (J. Cocteau, 2002). Directors such as A.V. Galibin, V.A. Tumanov and R.G. Viktyuk collaborate with the Youth Theatre. The company's principal actors include N.V. Dmitrieva, V.A. Kukhareshin, T.A. Grigoryeva, A.B. Oding, S.D. Barkovsky, Z.Y. Buryak, and M.G. Chernyak. The Molodezhny (Youth) Theatre is situated on the territory of Izmailovsky Garden (116 Fontanka River Embankment), in the former Buff entertainment theatre-garden. The hall features 300 seats.

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Fontanka River Embankment/Saint Petersburg, city, house 116

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BUFF, the name of several Petersburg musical theatres (from the Italian: opera buffa is comic opera). The first Theatre-Buff was opened in the garden of the Anichkov Palace (today known as the Recreation Garden) on Nevsky Prospect in 1872

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IZMAILOVSKY GARDEN is situated in the centre of St. Petersburg, between No 114 and 116а Fontanka River Embankment and Derzhavina Lane. The Polsky Garden is located to the west of the lane. The Izmailovsky Garden is 1.3 hectares in size