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Categories / Tsarskoe Selo and town of Pushkin. The digital chronological reference book/Chronicle of three centuries/1976 - 2010

The Tsarskoye Selo Art Prize for creative contribution in the Russian culture and arts development was established. Founders of the Prize were the All_Russian Museum of A.S. Pushkin, the patron of arts Boris Blotner, the writer Viktor Krivulin, the musician Sergey Kuryekhin, the film director Aleksandr Sokurov, the writer Nikolay Yakimchuk. Among prize-winners: the academician Dmitriy Likhachev, the conductor Mstislav Rastropovich, the singer Galina Vishnevskaya, the actress Alisa Freindlikh, poets yevgeny Yevtushenko and Bella Akhmadulina, the museum workers Marina Petay and Sergey Nekrasov and many others.

4 July. The monument to Emperor Nicholas II (to the design by the sculptor V.V. Zaiko) was erected on the territory of the Fiodorovsky Emperor Cathedral using the money of S.Rogov, the patron of arts.

July. The Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexis II visited Pushkin Town.

December. B.N. Lebedev, V.G. Zhuraclev, Yu.F. Shitov, I.A. Alekseyev, artists - restorers of the Catherine Palace, were awarded the State Prize of the Russian Federation for re-creating décor painting of the palace and pavilions.

Polish restorers of the company PKZ finished to restore the Great and Small Caprice, Cross Bridge and facades of the Agate Rooms.

Akhmadulina, Izabella Akhatovna
Alekseyev, I.A.
Alexy II (Ridiger Alexey Mikhailovich), Patriarch
Blotner, Boris Lvovich
Freindlikh Alisa Brunovna
Krivulin Viktor Borisovich
Kurekhin Sergey Anatolievich
Lebedev, B.N.
Likhachev Dmitry Sergeevich
Nekrasov, Sergey Mikhaylovich
Petay, Marina Nikolayevna
Rigov, S.
Rostropovich Mstislav Leopoldovich
Shitov, Yu.F.
Sokurov Alexander Nikolaevich
Vishnevskaya Galina Pavlovna
Yakimchuk, Nikolay
Yevtushenko, Yevgeny Aleksandrovich
Zayko Viktor Vladimirovich
Zhuravlev, V.G.

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