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Entries / The Gostiny Dvor (Merchant Arcade)

The Gostiny Dvor (Merchant Arcade)

Categories / Tsarskoe Selo and town of Pushkin. The digital chronological reference book/Monuments of history and culture

A historical complex of the Tsarskoye Selo Gostiny Dvor (25 Moskovskaya Street) is located between Oranzhereinaya Street and Leontyevskaya Street. The complex includes the main building built by the architect N.S. Nikitin in 1863-1866 and rebuilt by A.R. Bach in 1898; Meat Stalls was built by N.S. Nikitin in 1843-1844; an ice- storehouse was built by A.R. Bach. A distant arch gallery along the main façade is a distinguishing feature of the complex. A shopping center was placed here according to the town plan of V.I. Geste in 1808. The first wooden Gostiny Dvor was built on this place in 1825 by V.P. Stasov according to V.I. Geste’s plan. Later the butchery and grocery was transferred into the specially equipped stone Meat Stalls. Here there were storerooms with ice-boxes, meat, fish and green stalls. The Gostiny Dvor was belonged to the town. 85 different shops were leased to merchants on agreements with the Town Council and were the main source of income of the town treasury.

Semenova Galina Victorovna

Bach Alexander Romanovich
Hastie Vasily Ivanovich (William)
Nikitin, N.S.
Stasov Vasily Petrovich

Leontievskaya Street/Pushkin, town
Moskovskaya Street/Pushkin, town, house 25
Oranzhereinaya Street/Pushkin, town


1 July. New stone Gostiny Dvor, built according to N.S. Nikitin's design, was opened for the trade. A chapel, crowned with five small-sized cupolas and attached to the town Cathedral of St
Source: Tsarskoe Selo


1 January. Colonel, Prince M.S. Putyatin was appointed as the Head of the Palace Board. The last Manager of Tsarskoye Selo, who was appointed by the Tsar, died as an emigrant in the USA. 17-19 May
Source: Tsarskoe Selo


March. The former study of A.S. Pushkin, in the house of Kitayev, was vacated from tenants and the appartment-museum of the poet was opened in it according to the decision of the Executive Committee of Pushkin Town. 22 June
Source: Tsarskoe Selo