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Entries / The House of F. Kanobbio.

The House of F. Kanobbio.

Categories / Tsarskoe Selo and town of Pushkin. The digital chronological reference book/Monuments of history and culture

A splendid sample of a wooden house with a mezzanine and three-part Italian window in the Classicism style was erected to the design of V.I. Geste which was approved by Alexander I in 1814. It was built in 1815 by the engineer – lieutenant Francis Kanobbio, an inspector of the Taitsi water system. However he died a short time later and in 1819 the house was inherited by A.N. Kanobbio, the widow of his brother, a court conductor. Later on the house was owned by her daughters , S. Kanobbio, M. Kwadri, E. Korsini (from 1824 until 1832), and then the Austria national S.I. Cherfolio and his heirs (from 1832 until 1851). In 1851 I. Monighetti and N.S. Nikitin rebuilt partly the house for the next owner Ye.I. Kuzminskaya, nee Voyevodskaya, the wife of a full state councillor. Then during 1859-1874 the house was owned by Full State Councilor I.G. Kuzminsky, from 1874 until 1915 by the Doctor of Medicine I.M. Ost and his son A.I. Ost. From 1905 to 1917 L.Z. Lansere, the Chairman of the Board of the Russian Insurance Company, lived here. In 1954-1955 the major repairs of the house was done. According to the local legends the house is known as the House of Geste and the House of Akhmatova.

Semenova Galina Victorovna

Alexander I, Emperor
Cherfolio, S.I.
Hastie Vasily Ivanovich (William)
Kanobbio, A.N.
Kanobbio, Francisc
Kanobbio, S.
Korsini, E.
Kuzminskaya, Ye.I.
Kuzminsky, I.G.
Lanceray, L.Z.
Monighetti Ippolito Antonovich
Nikitin, N.S.
Ost, A.I.
Ost, I.M.
Ost, I.M.

Leontievskaya Street/Pushkin, town


The Hause of Kannobio ( the wooden house, a splendid example of the Russian Classicism) was built according to the design of V.I. Geste in Leontyevskaya Street (its present address is 18 Leontyevskaya Street). 8 January
Source: Tsarskoe Selo