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Entries / Apraksin P.M. (1659-1728), statesman

Apraksin P.M. (1659-1728), statesman

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APRAKSIN Peter Matveevich (1659-1728), count (from 1710), statesman, acting secret councillor (1725), brother of F.M. Apraksin. In 1698-1708, he was a Novgorod Voevode (military commander). At the beginning of the Northern War (1700-21) he was one of the organizers of the Narva Campaign (1700); after the Russian army defeat he participated in its reestablishment, and in the organization of the northwest defence blockade. In 1701-04, he acted in the Ingermanland and Estland territories as the head of a detachment, destroying the Narva environs (1701) and scouting the Neva River's course before the march of the main forces to Noteburg and Nyenschantz fortresses (1702). During this campaign he led an independent regiment, diverting the attention of the Swedes. In 1703, he took the Yam (present-day Kingisepp) and Koporye fortresses; in 1704, he scouted and led the avant-guard during the Narva Campaign, preventing reinforcements from the Sweden Fleet from reaching Narva, and capturing two landed transport ships. From 1705, he was the Astrakhan Governor; in 1708-14, Governor of Kazan and Azov; in 1714-18 and from 1725, a senator; in 1718, a member of the Supreme Court serving on the case of prince Alexey Petrovich; and from 1722, a president of the Justice Collegium.

G. V. Kalashnikov.

Alexey Petrovich, Tsesarevitch
Apraksin Fedor Matveevich
Apraksin Peter Matveevich, Count

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