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KRONSCHLOT, a sea fort, the first fortification of the Kronstadt Fortress. It was founded in the winter of 1703-04 on a shallow in the Gulf of Finland, south of Kotlin Island based on the designs of Tsar Peter the Great. It was built by soldiers under the guidance of A.D. Menshikov. A three-storied tower with a spire, made of raw brick with a wooden framework, was raised on a crib foundation. The tower was armed with 14 guns. On 7 May 1704 (18May, New Style), the fortress flag was hoisted; this day is considered as the day of Kronstadt’s foundation. In the summer of 1704 and 1705, battles against Swedish naval forces took place by Kronschlot. In 1716-22, the fort was rebuilt in the form of an armed wall with a bastion trace, the foundation Island was expanded, and an inner harbour built. In 1747, the decayed tower of Kronschlot was knocked down. In 1797-1807, the fort walls were partially faced with granite. In 1808, on the north-west side of Kronschlot, a battery of earth fill and timber was erected, and the whole fort was re-armed with 104 guns. In 1850-54, Kronschlot was rebuilt (engineer I.A. Zakrzhetsky), the basement Island was covered with sand, while the building of a three-storied stone battery with casemates was discontinued due to the Crimean War of 1853-56. In 1916, the second storey of the battery was transformed into a covered armoured barracks. During the Great Patriotic War of 1941-45, sea hunters were often stationed in the harbour of Kronschlot.

G. V. Kalashnikov. .

Menshikov Alexander Danilovich, Gracious Prince
Peter I, Emperor
Zakrzhetsky I.A.

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FORTS. Fortifications in the area of the Gulf of Finland, built with the purpose of guarding approaches by the enemy to the Kronstadt Fortress. The first Kronschlot sea fort was opened in 1704


KRONSTADT, a town on Kotlin Island, 32 kilometres west of Saint Petersburg. The town's history traces back to a sea fort called Kronslot built in the winter of 1703-04. By May 1704, two batteries were constructed along the south bank