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Museum of Meteorology

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MUSEUM OF METEOROLOGY of Voeykov Central Physical Observatory (7 Karbyshev Street), goes back to the collection of equipment and tools, which emerged along with the foundation of the Central Physical Observatory (1848). In 1924 the Observatory opened a museum and tour department, which was re-organised into a museum in 1927. In 1929 the exposition was transferred to the workshops and test bureau of meteorological equipment (39 Lieutenant Schmidt Embankment), in 1933-34 the exhibits were moved to the District Pedagogical Centre on Vasilievsky Island, and in 1935 - to the Museum of Geology of Leningrad State University. In 1949, by the 100th anniversary of the Central Geophysical Observatory the equipment was returned and exhibited again. In 1957 the museum was awarded the status of a branch of the Observatory, and in 1961 moved to its premises in the village of Voeykovo. The exposition included sections on the history of meteorology, examination of the upper atmospheric strata, sun radiation, climatology, atmospheric electricity etc. In 1977-91 the museum collection (about 3,000 exhibits) were relocated to the building of the Church of Ss. Simeon and Anna. In 1999 the museum reopened again. The exposition contains the world's largest collection of meteorological equipment of the 17th - 20th centuries. The museum also has a collection of books and documents on the history of meteorology and meteorological service in Russia.

N. L. Korsakova.

Voeykov Alexander Ivanovich

Karbysheva St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 7
Leitenanta Schmidta Embankment/Saint Petersburg, city, house 39

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