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Entries / A. I. Kuindzhi memorial apartment

A. I. Kuindzhi memorial apartment

Categories / Science. Education/Museums

A. I. KUINDZHI MEMORIAL APARTMENT, St. Petersburg's only history and art workshop. It was opened in 1993 as a branch of the Science and Research Museum of the Russian Academy of Arts and was accommodated in the so-called House of Artists (original location: 18 Birzhevaya Line; present location - 1/10 Birzhevoy Lane), where A. I. Kuindzhi moved in 1897 before changing many addresses on Vasilievsky Island and also renting lodging out as landlord of houses 31, 41 and 43 on the Tenth Line. He also spent the last years of his life there. I. N. Kramskoy, G. G. Chernetsov and N. G. Chernetsov and other painters at various times lived in the apartment house of merchant G. G. Eliseev (1842, architect А. C. Pel, rebuilt in the 1870s, architect L. F. Sperer). Kuindzhi loved the large attic of the house right away. The house overlooking the Spit of Vasilievsky Island and Petersburgskaya Side was built after 1887 by architect G. V. Baranovsky. The memorial apartment shows the interiors of the workshop, a study and a drawing room. The exposition tells about Kuindzhi and his work, his time at the Academy of Arts, and showcases works of his pupils and disciples.

References: Воронова О. П. Куинджи в Петербурге. Л., 1986.

N. L. Korsakova.

Baranovsky Gavriil Vasilievich
Chernetsov Grigory Grigorievich
Chernetsov Nikanor Grigorievich
Eliseev Grigory Grigorievich
Kramskoy Ivan Nikolaevich
Kuindzhi Arkhip Ivanovich
Pehl Alexander Hristoforovich
Spengler Oswald
Sperer Ludwig Frantsevich

Birzhevaya Line/Saint Petersburg, city, house 18
Birzhevoy Lane/Saint Petersburg, city, house 1/10

Воронова О. П. Куинджи в Петербурге. Л., 1986

Kuindzhi A. I., (1841-1910), Artist

KUINDZHI Arkhip Ivanovich (1841-1910, St. Petersburg) artist. He studied at the Academy of Arts under I. K. Aivazovsky (1868-72; was a member of the Academy from 1893)

Museum of the Academy of Arts

MUSEUM OF THE ACADEMY OF ARTS, a science and research museum (17 University Embankment), Russia's oldest art museum, founded by I. I. Shuvalov in 1757 as a collection of samples for the students of drawing and sculpture classes at the Academy of