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Television (entry)

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TELEVISION (TV). Regular television broadcasting in Leningrad began in early 1938, from 1941 to 1947, however, broadcasts were suspended. In 1948 the first mobile studio appeared enabling filming to take place beyond th confines of the studio. By the mid-1950s TV became a mass medium. The widespread use of video-filming started in the mid1960s. From 1981 all Leningrad programs were broadcasted in colour. It was the Horizone youth program that stood out in terms of creative approach (from 1965). The Time news program first aired on 1 January 1968. From 1975 an offstream program Monitor was regularly broadcast. Beginning with the mid-1980s there emerged new program genres in connection with perestroika: the programs The Fifth Wheel (1987-89), Public Opinion (1988), Musical Ring (1986-89) and Zebra (1988) became the most popular. The opening of a live broadcast Television Station Fact program with the program host in shot marked a revolutionary turning point in the domestic TV. By the year 1991 the transmissions of Channel 5 programs covered 77% of the European part of Russia and entire Urals. Since 1995 new private channels have been emerging on St. Petersburg Television - Channels 6, 11, RegTV, 51 and 36, are to be noted. From 1997 the Culture channel took over the broadcasting rights of the State Television and Radio Company Petersburg - Channel 5 network. In 1998 the State Television and Radio Company Petersburg - Channel 5 was reorganised into a Joint-Stock Television and Radio Company Petersburg. Its transmission range covers only cities of the North-West Region of Russia. In addition to private channels, new regional news productions are regularly on air on NTV and Russia (Today in St. Petersburg and News from St. Petersburg.) In the late1990s - early 2000s Television started to broadcast sit-coms, talk-shows, and reality shows etc. Cartoons of foreign production are purchased en masse for TV channels. The talk-shows Windows, Warning: Modern (STS), New Morning (TRC - Petersburg), Cultural News (Culture), Segodnyachko - Piter (TNT) are most representative of the Petersburg TV in the early 2000s.

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