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Pushkin Centre

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PUSHKIN CENTRE, State Pushkin Theatre Centre in St. Petersburg (41 Fontanka River Embankment), theatre and publishing organisation established in 1992 by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, aimed at developing a new cultural policy for Russian theatre, promoting a repertoire based on Pushkin's works for the Russian stage, and setting up the Pushkin Theatre Academy. The Pushkin Centre artistic board included D. S. Likhachev, O. V.Basilashvili, P. N. Fomenko, and E. S. Kochergin. The Pushkin Centre is directed by V. E. Retsepter, Honoured Artist of the Russian Federation, and Laureate of the State Prize of the Russian Federation. The centre has embarked on a varying scope of activities, from theatre-related events, to publishing, to education. Since 1992, the centre has hosted ten All-Russian Pushkin festivals in Pskov and at Mikhailovskoe Village, featuring actors, directors, writers, Pushkin scholars (O. I. Efremov, Fomenko, А. А. Vasilyev, E. Nyakroshyus, S. А. Fomichev, V. S. Nepomnyashchy, S. B. Rassadin, E. Henri, А. Wood, R.-D. Keil), and theatrical groups from Moscow, St. Petersburg, France, and Germany. The Pushkin Centre has also organised Pushkin festivals in Omsk (1994), Orel and Krasnoyarsk (1998), Moscow (1999), Frankfurt-am-Mein (Germany, 1997), Bristol (Great Britain, 1997), Vienna (Austria, 1999), Paris and Marseilles (France, 1999), and other places. The Centre maintains close ties with Pushkin societies in the USA, Germany, and the Great Britain. Within the framework of the Pushkin Theatre Works Collection program, the centre carried out 12 stagings by the year 2002 (A Novel in Letters, 1992; Mozart and Salieri, 1994; Pushkin concert, 1999; Avdey Flyugarin, 2002; and others). Such masters of the Petersburg stage as Z. M. Sharko, N. A. Olkhina, O. S. Antonova have been featured in plays at the Pushkin Centre. Among the Centre's publishing activities is the publication of the Pushkin Premier series, including titles The Return of Pushkin's 'Mermaid' by М. М. Shemyakin and V. E. Retsepter (1998), The Attraction of 'The Miserly Knight' (2001), and Pushkin will guide you through... (2000); and the books Pushkin's verse poetics by Y. N. Chumakov (1999), Criticism in Pushkin's Lifetime (2001), and Staging Pushkin (2001). In 2001, the Pushkin Centre in co-operation with the Academy of Theatre Arts enrolled students for a special actors' workshop for a profound study of Pushkin's legacy (tutor Retseptor). The Pushkin Centre is located at the former residence of O. A. Kochneva (1805-08, architect L. Rusca).

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Y. N. Kruzhnov.

Antonova Olga Sergeevna
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Fomichev Sergey Alexandrovich
Henri E.
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Rassadin Stanislav Borisovich
Retsepter Vladimir Emmanuilovich
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Vasilyev Anatoly Alexandrovich
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Fontanka River Embankment/Saint Petersburg, city, house 41

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