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Petersburg Musical Spring, festival

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PETERSBURG MUSICAL SPRING (until 1991, the Leningrad Musical Spring), annual musical festival held since 1964, organised by the St. Petersburg Branch of the Composers Union. Petersburg Musical Spring aims to expose its audience to the latest works of Petersburg composers within various genres of academic and popular music. Having grown gradually, the festival gives a notion of what the Petersburg composers' school is, revealing continuity with classical Petersburg traditions, as well as the present-day style of contemporary Petersburg music from various national schools. The Petersburg Musical Spring Festival is one of the major music events of the year. Held in May, it features between five and six symphonic concerts, close to ten chamber concerts, and also choir and popular music performances. Concerts in the genre of Jubilee Portraits, Bridge Concerts, and theme-based concerts such as Great Names and Inimitable Petersburg have become a tradition. Premiers of musical theatre shows, along with a number of conferences on music theory, are usually scheduled to coincide with the Petersburg Musical Spring festival. The concerts take place in the Big and Small Philharmonic Halls, the Academic Capella, at the Composers House, at the Petersburg Cultural Centre (the former City Duma Hall, 41 Nevsky Prospect), and the Sheremetev Palace, and at other venues. They feature the best musicians and ensembles of St. Petersburg, both the Academic Symphony Orchestra of Petersburg Philharmonic, the Petersburg Academic Symphonic Orchestra, the Klassika Petersburg State Symphonic Orchestra, the Solovyev-Sedoy Concert Orchestra, the Academic Capella and Conservatory Choirs, the Rossika Choir, numerous chamber ensembles, and children and youth performance groups. The concerts are broadcast on radio and television, and are extensively covered in the press. The festival's board of directors includes А. P. Petrov, general director, People's Artist of the USSR, and chairman of the Petersburg Branch of the Composers' Union; and G. O. Korchmar (artistic director), B. L. Berezovsky, general producer. The festival is organised in collaboration with the St. Petersburg D. D. Shostakovich Academic Philharmonic and the State Glinka Academic Capella.

A. L. Porfiryeva.

Berezovsky Boris Leonidovich
Glinka Mikhail Ivanovich
Korchmar Grigory O.
Petrov Andrey Pavlovich
Shostakovich Dmitry Dmitrievich
Solovyev-Sedoy (real name Solovyev) Vasily Pavlovich

Nevsky prospect/Saint Petersburg, city, house 41

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