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Entries / Mravinsky Е.А., (1903-1988), conductor

Mravinsky Е.А., (1903-1988), conductor

Categories / Art/Music, Theatre/Personalia

MRAVINSKY Evgeny Alexandrovich (1903 - 1988, Leningrad), conductor, people's artist of the USSR (1954) and Hero of Socialist Labour (1973). A student of the Second Gymnasium, Petersburg University, and Academic Chapel, he graduated from the Conservatory in 1931 where he had studied conducting under A. V. Gauk. He later was a teacher at the Conservatory in 1936-37 and from 1961, and a professor from 1963. He was a conductor at Kirov Opera and Ballet Theatre (see Mariinsky Theatre) in 1932-38 and the principal conductor of the Symphonic Orchestra at Leningrad Philharmonic in 1938-88, a memorial plaque is placed in the Grand Hall at 2 Mikhailovskaya Street. It was under Mravinsky's direction that the Philharmonic gained its reputation as one the best symphonic groups in the world. He was one of great conductors of the 20th century; D. D. Shostakovich's symphonies were recognized world-wide due to Mravinsky's interpretation. He performed compositions by L. Beethoven, I. Brahms, A. Bruckner, G. Mahler, P. I. Tchaikovsky, I. F. Stravinsky, among others. He was awarded the first prize at the All-Union Conductor Competition in 1938, the Stalin Prize in 1946 and the Lenin Prize in 1961. He lived at 2/4 Petrovskaya Embankment. He was buried at Bogoslovskoe Cemetery.

Works: From the Diaries published in Muzykalnaya Akademiya, issue 4/5, pages 2-13, in 1995.

Reference: Фомин В. С. Евгений Александрович Мравинский. М., 1983.

A. L. Porfiryeva.

Beethoven Ludwig van
Brahms Johannes
Bruckner Anton
Gauk Alexander Vasilievich
Kirov (real name Kostrikov) Sergey Mironovich
Lenin (real name Ulyanov) Vladimir Ilyich
Mahler Gustav
Mravinsky Evgeny Alexandrovich
Shostakovich Dmitry Dmitrievich
Stalin (real name Dzhugashvili) Iosif Vissarionovich
Stravinsky Igor Fedorovich
Tchaikovsky Peter Ilyich

Mikhailovskaya St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 2
Petrovskaya Embankment/Saint Petersburg, city, house 4/2

Фомин В. С. Евгений Александрович Мравинский. М., 1983
Из дневников // Муз. академия, 1995

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