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Entries / Jensen D.I., (1816-1902), sculptor

Jensen D.I., (1816-1902), sculptor

Categories / Art/Fine Arts/Personalia

JENSEN David Ivanovich (1816, Denmark -1902, St. Petersburg), sculptor. Studied at the Royal Academy of Arts in Copenhagen under B. Thorvaldsen, moved to St. Petersburg in 1841. Taught at the Painting School of Arts Society (1843-47) with L.A. Bernstam and A.M. Opekushin among his students. Became a member of the Petersburg Academy of Arts in 1857. In 1845 he founded together with I.I. Reimers the first Russian workshop to produce sculptures and ornaments made from extra strong terra-cotta and intended for building exteriors and interiors. Among his works are caryatides and bas-reliefs for the palace of Grand Princess Maria Nikolaevna (1841), bas-reliefs along the interiors of the Mariinsky Palace (1844), atlantes on the facades of the Beloselskikh-Belozerskikh Palace (around 1846), 18 statues depicting great artists for the New Hermitage (together with K.A. Klein, 1847-50), and the Boathouse Navigation Figure (1891). He created the Hygieia figure (1850s), a monument to Baron Y.V. Willie at the building of Army Medical College (1859), a monument to Emperor Alexander II in St. Petersburg (circa 1886), a number of mounted works on mythological subjects, and sculptural portraits.

O. L. Leikind, D.Y. Severyukhin.

Alexander II, Emperor
Bernstam Leopold-Bernhard (Leopold Adolfovich)
Jensen David Ivanovich
Klein Konstantin Antonovich
Maria Nikolaevna, Grand Princess
Opekushin Alexander Mikhailovich
Reimers Ivan Ivanovich
Thorvaldsen Bertel
Willie Yakov (James) Vasilievich

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