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Entries / Opekushin A.M., (1838-1923), sculptor

Opekushin A.M., (1838-1923), sculptor

Categories / Art/Fine Arts/Personalia

Opekushin Alexander Mikhailovich (1838-1923), sculptor. Studied at the Drawing School of the Society of Art Promotion and in the workshop of sculptor D.I. Jensen. Was a full member of Academy of Arts (1895). His most famous work was a monument to Alexander Pushkin in Moscow (1872-80). In St. Petersburg he participated in the creation of a monument to Empress Catherine II at Alexandrinskaya Square (today Ostrovskogo Square), a project headed by M.O. Mikeshin (1862-73) for which he created 9 figures of the Empress' confederates (including statues of A.G. Orlov and V.Y. Chichagov, made according to his own models). He created the Alexander Pushkin monument at Pushkinskaya Street (1883-84, architect N.L. Benois and A.S. Lytkin), as well as gravestone monuments for associates of A.P. Volinsky's group at St. Sampson Cathedral (1885, architect M.A. Shurupov). In 1875-1918 he lived in his own house at 52 Kamennoostrovsky Avenue (memorial plaque installed); his workshop was located at 24 Pesochnaya Street (today Professora Popova Street), which is where the Alexander Pushkin monument in Moscow was created (memorial plaque installed).

Reference: Беляев Н., Шмидт И. М. Александр Михайлович Опекушин, 1841-1923. М., 1954.

O. L. Leikind, D.Y. Severyukhin.

Benois Nikolay Leontievich
Catherine II, Empress
Chichagov Vasily Yakovlevich
Jensen David Ivanovich
Lytkin Anton Sergeevich
Mikeshin Mikhail Osipovich
Opekushin Alexander Mikhailovich
Orlov Alexey Grigorievich, Count
Pushkin Alexander Sergeevich
Shchurupov Mikhail Arefievich
Volynsky Artemy Petrovich

Kamennoostrovsky Ave/Saint Petersburg, city, house 52
Ostrovsky Square/Saint Petersburg, city
Professora Popova St./Saint Petersburg, city, house 24
Pushkinskaya St./Saint Petersburg, city

Беляев Н., Шмидт И. Александр Михайлович Опекушин, 1841-1923. М., 1954

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