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Entries / Martos I.P., (1754-1835), sculptor

Martos I.P., (1754-1835), sculptor

Categories / Art/Fine Arts/Personalia

MARTOS Ivan Petrovich (1754-1835, St. Petersburg), sculptor, follower of Classicism. Studied at the Academy of Arts (1764-73) under L. Rolland and N.F. Gillet, and received a retainer from the Academy of Arts to study in Italy (1774-1790. He taught at the Academy of Arts (1779-1835), gaining membership in 1782, professorship in 1794, and rectorship in 1814. He was a master of monuments, specifically of decorative and memorial sculptures. Martos' works were distinguished by their simplicity and nobility of style, deep psychological engagement, charm, and vividness of image. His most famous work is a monument to K. Minin and D. Pozharsky in Moscow (1804-18). In St. Petersburg he created a group of sculptures for the pavilion of Parents Monument (after 1798); a monument to Grand Princess Alexandra Pavlovna (1815) in Pavlovsk Park; bas-relief for Opening of Waters by Moses in the Desert along the attic of colonnade; a statue of St. John the Baptist in a niche of Kazan Cathedral (1804-07); the bust of Emperor Alexander I (1822, the State Russian Museum); and gravestones for Count N.I. Panin (1788), Princess E.S. Kurakina (1792) and Princess E.I. Gagarina (1803) in Blagoveschenskaya Burial-Vault of Alexander Nevsky Lavra, and Emperor Pavel I (1807) in Pavlovsk mausoleum. As an artist and pedagogue, he had great influence on the development of 19th century Russian sculpture. He was originally buried at Smolenskoe Cemetery, and in the 1930s his ashes were transferred to Necropolis of the 18th Century.

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O. L. Leikind, D.Y. Severyukhin.

Alexander I, Emperor
Alexandra Pavlovna, Grand Princess
Gagarina Elizaveta Ivanovna, Duchess
Gillet Nicolas-Francois
Kurakina Elena Stepanovna, Duchess
Martos Ivan Petrovich
Minin Kuzma Minich
Panin Nikita Ivanovich, Count
Paul (Pavel) I, Emperor
Pozharsky Dmitry Mikhailovich, Duke
Rolland Louis

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